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sons of osiris
29-07-2011, 20:44
Hi guys after tacking advice from other forums and posts iv came up with an 800points army.
im playin in a tournie sort of thing an im competative. i want a competative list. one hopefuly which can help me win!! please comment/critisise. mess with the list and post any help.even new lists!! than you

Heros- 105
Liche preist

Core- 350
30 skellies- hw/s

4 chariots

Special- 205
3 necro knights

Rare- 135
Casket of souls

Total- 795pts

Anything else need changing or is the list okai?
any new ideas please post.

sons of osiris
29-07-2011, 21:59
anything to say?

vinny t
29-07-2011, 22:10
looks pretty good to me. 800 points is really too small, IMO, to get the most variety from your TK.

sons of osiris
29-07-2011, 22:27
is the list okai thou is there anything you would cange or alter as iv posted the list on about 6 forums and no one has anymore to sayanymore

Lord Inquisitor
29-07-2011, 22:37
Can a liche priest be your general and your heirophant in the new book?

I think the Casket might be better swapped for one of the monsters for more killy power. I think it's more useful with more wizards in bigger games.

sons of osiris
29-07-2011, 22:46
yes tey can be :D its realy helpful.

okai thank you thats something i was considering however im not realy a fan of the necro sphks and theres not much else i can see so i put the casket in. besides it can effectivly hurt an important unit in an enemy army or take out wm's.
any thoughts?

vinny t
29-07-2011, 23:17
it's 800 points, we know nothing about your metagame or your playing style. It seems fine. If you were to provide more info about what you expect to see at the tourney, than we could give you more advice

sons of osiris
29-07-2011, 23:28
okai sorry man basicly if youv ever been to a skl leauge its that set up. main opponents will be all 3 chaos armys(deamons,beasts and WoC), empire, tks skaven and ork and goblins.
atm my team is running my list( tks) skaven dwarfs and probably dark elves.
i dont have a tk playing style so to speak as im relativly new still with the new book. (im a 6 year high elf player xD) but my plan was to hammer anvil with skellies bolstered with magic. with either/both chariots and knights as a anvil however chariots may be used to tie up/break a diff unit. casket is ther both for the extra dice. the bound spell which i find good. and also because i love the model :D its 800 because thats the limit trust me i wish it was more :( alas it isnt.

vinny t
30-07-2011, 00:03
well, it looks like you have a balanced list that can take on basically whatever you will see. The only thing I'd be worried about would be a warrior horde, but your necroknights can take it. I think you have an excellent list

sons of osiris
30-07-2011, 00:09
Thank you man :)
i to was worrying about that esp if they went khorne or slannesh. they would be able to dish out damage to destroy a portion of my army. however thats a big point sink which would then be the attention of my casket. so i think i have a way of dealing with that.

Thank you for your praise my freind. i hope this may help other people out fort small games (considering i had trouble finding any posts, hence the 6 forums xD)

30-07-2011, 00:51
I would turn the Skellies into Archers, or just flatout invest in chariots, HWS skellies are useless. Also, if you don't flat out invest in Chariots, I would throw in a War Spinyx and cut out the Chariots and the Casket for it.

Regardless, I would cut out the casket, you need bodies not P.D at 800 points, the least you could do with those point is give the Priest a +5 Ward and throw in a Necrotect if you really want to keep the HWS skellies.

vinny t
30-07-2011, 00:55
he can't take a warsphinx and Necroknights at 800 points

sons of osiris
30-07-2011, 01:00
why are they useless? they happen to be one of my favourite things about the tk army.
i cant have a sphinks aswell as knights as the points would be over the max 50%
i like the casket also would you mind giving me a reason to cut that out and the only real weakening unit in the army to get a 5+ward and a necrotect? i cant seem to jusifiy it.
also iv had this argument many times before. hw/s skellies with magic bonus get 6+5++6+++ saves with the klling blow spell to imo thats better than bs2 archers nedding 5s to hit and only strength 3 meaning 4-5 to wound with no -save against anything oter than elves they are pointless also they are more points too. ,eaning that n average from 30 archers deployed eith deep of in 2x15 you get around 8-14 hits average of around 3-4 wounds thats before saves are took. its just not worth it.

30-07-2011, 01:12
Aren't one of the SPynixs Rare? I don't know which one, my friend plays T.K, but either would make a mess in a game size so small due to the lack of models to produce S.C.R and the fact that cannons will be very small in number.

HWS suck nutzzz in all honest, a +5++6 is only worthwhile against goblins -and even then what are you going to kill with your might S3 W.S 2 *insert eye roll here*- any other CORE troop in the game will rip you apart; C.W, H.E/D.E spearmen, Empire Halbreds the list goes on. . . with the HWS skelletons your just prolonging death for an extra round due to parry, which sometimes won't even matter due to crumble.

*NOTE: That isn't even specials, may they have mercy on those already dead skellies if S.M or Bestigors or something actually killy gets to you.

The casket is an awesome warmachine to use. . . when you have a caster thats alive, and an army to buff. . . things which you seem to lack at 800 pointst. Also assuming that you get the -1S, -1T spell and or the ++5 Ward spell or the K.B spell is kind wishing isn't it? You can only know two spells, and there's only a little over 50% chance of you getting one of these spells, and even more slim that you get both.

Henceforth, you asked for help, if you don't want to take thats fine I could care less.

sons of osiris
30-07-2011, 01:20
no im thinking through your advice i just didnt see it that all trust me i appreciate it :)
and yes the necro sphinks is a rare however i cant see a use for it :/ shame considering i love the model. also in regards to the cannons by team member has 2 dwarf cannons with master engineer and some rune thingy. it makes a mess of monsters.

in general the main use for me of the casket isnt the exta power dice, its the bound spell the dice generates for you to use which catches my eye it seems good at weakening uits which would in turn threaten my skellies. and in regards to the spells yes i guess but all apart from the last spell are good at helping the army and each one has uses which helps the uits so realy it wouldnt matter. i was just using those 2 as examples.
with the skellies isnt that the same for the archers to as thre shooting wont kill much and then there even weaker in combat?

vinny t
30-07-2011, 01:33
can't use necro in 800 points anyway. 225 is over 25% in rare

sons of osiris
30-07-2011, 01:47
oh dear your right sorry. just checked i realy shud no this stuff ^^.
but still i dont see ow archers beat combat troops they can only cause a tiny amount of wounds before bein charged nd as there even worse in combat i dont see what the benefit would be.