View Full Version : A Small Victory for 3D Printing

30-07-2011, 01:44
We have previously discussed 3D printing and its impact on the miniature world. Now 3D printing has taken another small skimp forward:

Scroll down here and click the video: http://ing.dk/artikel/120872-verdens-foerste-3d-printede-fly-gaar-i-luften

01-08-2011, 09:05
That would have only been the wings and body of the plane that were 3d printed, I don't think that anyone thought that was beyond the ability of 3d printers, hell GW makes 3d prints of its models already

02-08-2011, 23:21
3D printing is already being used by a lot of wargames companies already at various stages of their developement cycles. I can't remember where I heard it but I can hazily recall Spartan Games using 3D prints of CAD designs to produce their master moulds. I can remember Beasts of War being sent a 3D printed Greatcoat Trooper from Wargames Factory to paint up & preview.

For personal useage for the average wargamer I can remember someone posting on the PP forums how they designed an alternate Typhon sculpt in CAD and got a company that provided a high quality 3D printing service to produce it. He had been granted permission from PP to make one copy for non-comercial use after contacting them first. The design itself was impressive and the model ended up being very cool looking.

Spectrar Ghost
03-08-2011, 00:01
3d Prints in high resolution are still relatively expensive (~$10/cc last I heard) though. Spreading the cost across many castings is still the only really cost efficient way to do it.