View Full Version : tournie practise tk vs skaven any help?

sons of osiris
31-07-2011, 21:19
hey guys me and my skaven team mae are playing a tournie practise game against one another this week. from all the help iv gotten from everyone ill use my 800pts ill also post his list up wer both competative an will try to beat each other ( all good practise for the tournament xD)
heres his list-
Chieftain General (97)
-Ruby Ring of Ruin
-Opal Amulet
Chieftain BSB (82)
-Banner of Eternal Flame
2 Warplighting Cannons
37 Slaves with Musician
30 Clanrats with Shields, Musician, Standard
30 Clanrats with Shields, Musician, Standard, WFT

Thats his list guys mines-
Heros- 105
Liche preist
Core- 350
30 skellies- hw/s
4 chariots
Special- 205
3 necro knights
Rare- 135
Casket of souls
Total- 795pts

There we go. im looking for some advice firstly on wether my list will be okai in the tournament as his army list is competative so wel be expecting strong tuff against us. and secondly skaven are one of our worst enemies so does anyone how to beat this list?

sons of osiris
01-08-2011, 01:03
does anybody have a opinion or any advice?

01-08-2011, 01:20
Everytime i see Skeleton Warriors i die a little inside.

Guess they would be ok at this points level though if you had a prince to buff weapon skill, can't imagine they would last long without help.

sons of osiris
01-08-2011, 01:45
the idea is to keep either the knights or chariots withing 6 inch of the unit that way they shud in theroy only have to last 1 round. this is where magic comes into effect for examplee 5+ ward spell. -1 to enemy stats ect...
is there a way i can get a prince or?
and how come could you explain by any chance?

01-08-2011, 03:12
I guess you can't get a prince in and a heirophant at 800.

2 Warp lightning cannons are going to hurt, a lot but the Casket could mess them up, let us know how you get on.

sons of osiris
01-08-2011, 13:13
i will dont worry :) ill post it on this thread so you guys can see. i wont do a detailed battle report (im no good at them) but ill tell u wat went on.
and yes my ide was for the casket vs wlc :) great minds think alike

01-08-2011, 17:06
Don't keep the knights and chariots within 6" of the skeles, its a good way for them to get combat res'd to death. Instead keep them infront, rats shouldn't stand up to them reguardless of numbers.

Archers would do better then the skeles if you could find the points/models. They would still be highly useful with smaller numbers. They make ideal units for the hierophant to camp in.

sons of osiris
02-08-2011, 21:17
i dont realy like the archers- both the models or in the game. higher points i would only take 1 unit as a bunker for hiorphant. i dont like them i prefer the hw/s skellies myself.

okai ill take ur advice on the res as i guess your right :) thanks

sons of osiris
03-08-2011, 21:45
so is there anything i can do to my list to try and make it better for the tournament or?