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01-08-2011, 17:22
It has been month since the siege began.
The Orcs had started their assault from the mountains while the skaven and night goblins came from the tunnels.
Resources were growing short, and both king and prince new that they would not last long.
Prince Ogrim new there was only one way to save his people. A secret only kept in the royal family. An ancient runestone with the name of an old evil on it. A pact that would save but possibly condemn his people.
The prince and king made their decision.
Taking up the runic hammer he inherited from his grandfather the young prince marches down the ancient hallways to the chamber of relics, his father on his heels. The prince's determination grows stronger on the way.

In front of the runestone, praying to the ancients for the safety of his people, he lifts the hammer and smashes the old seal...

Nothing happens.

With a Curse on his lips the prince turns around to see a herald of tzeentch manifesting before him.
„You called us.“ comes out of the ever changing mouth of the demon. „Do you know the price for what you ask?“

„Yes!“ answers the prince. „My Allegiance for the safety of my people!“

„Then the pact is complete!“ The Herald turned around and releases a screech as sinister and dark as the worlds he comes from. Two portals open and a seeming endless stream of demons pours out to support the dwarven defenders.

The king steps up to his son. „Our people have to survive! Too many Grudges still have to be repaid!“

„I hope your right.“ His son replies. Both grab their runic hammers and charge back to defend their kingdom.

Another herald steps out of the portals. „Another army for the dark lords. And more Change is coming with this storm!“ The two heralds join their new mortal allies in the defence of the dwarven kingdom.

So I have my 5k+ dwarves(wont post a strikt list here)
...and am searching for a new project.
Then I realised, I have nothing good to add for storm of magic.

As most monsters do not fit fluffwise and I have neither the time nor the ideas to convert something fitting, I decided to add a little craziness.
I think no one is really immune to corruption. Speaking to the most dire wishes even the dwarfs might get corrupted.

So I want to start a new Demon of Chaos army, to use first and foremost as a demonic pact in Storm of Magic.

I thought about starting with:

Herald of Tzeentch
Disc of Tzeentch, Staff of change

20 Horrors
FC, Icon of Sorcery

10 Chaos Furys

around 600 points...still missing 500 to reach the 1100 points I would need to reach my pointcap
what would you add/change. I am open to slaanesh and nurgle demons....though not to khorne... I just do not like the blood god

looking forward to your ideas

What Would Batman Do?
01-08-2011, 17:46
Consider making the Horrors a horde and adding a Herald to their ranks, that would give them a Ward save of 4+ along with acces their full spell potensial. Other than that, some Slaanesh Seekers might be nice addition. Some speed to the dwarves.
Or just go **** it and summon a Greater Daemon of your choice.