View Full Version : Moving characters from first to second rank and vice versa

01-08-2011, 22:59
I know if there is room, a character has to occupy the first rank.

Let us suppose the entire first rank is composed of characters, can a character or command model that is bumped to the second rank be brought to the front and then returned to the second rank in a consecutive movement phase?

lets say you had a unit with 5 frontage, 6 characters and 3 command models. Can you create a front line of just characters and swap the 6th guy from front to back as needed? Can you pop the command models back up as needed as well?

01-08-2011, 23:25
Outside of combat, command models are always up front regardless of how many characters are in the unit. In combat, character(s) can "make way" to push command to the back ranks.

Since characters can move within the unit as part of a normal move, I would assume it's acceptable for them to swap places

01-08-2011, 23:28
thanks, thats where I was going with this.