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02-08-2011, 15:07
Hello everyone,

I had my army all sorted for Oct Throne of Skulls, Chaos Wolfwing. Then I read Thousand Sons, classic mistake for me, now as per usual prior to TOS I find myself working on two armies.
With roughly 12 weeks till the tourny this army will probably progress quickly.

Thousand Sons was so amazing that I'm dead set on taking it but I will throughout this log probably chuck in a few pics from the Wolf Wing list (my flawless host term's are too good not to share).

So first things first the list, the only dex that makes sense is the wolf dex (how else can I field 4 sorcerers? :evilgrin:).
Now I'm sure Magus is looking to turn me inside out for the heresy but here it is laid out by squad:

Squad 1
Rune Priest w/Lighting, Hurricane, Slain
6x Grey Hunters w/flamer, power wep
1x Wolf Guard w/power wep

Squad 2
Rune Priest w/Lighting, hurricane, Slain, M bomb
6x Grey Hunters w/flamer, power wep
1x Wolf Guard w/power wep

Squad 3
Rune Priest w/Lighting, Storm
6x Grey Hunters w/flamer, power wep
1x Wolf Guard w/power wep

Squad 4
Rune Priest w/lighting, Hurricane
6x grey Hunters w/flamer, power wep
1x Wolf Guard w/power wep

Squad 5
6x grey Hunters w/melta
1x Wolf Guard w/Combi Melta, Power Fist

Squad 6
6x grey Hunters w/melta
1x Wolf Guard w/Combi Melta, Power Fist

Squad 7
4x Long Fangs w/4x Missile
1x Sq Leader

Squad 8
4x Long Fangs w/4x Missile
1x Sq Leader

Squad 9
Vindicator w/Siege Shield

Squad 10
Dreadnought w/assault cannon maybe w/missile launcher too.

So theres the list it needs a tiny bit of adjustment but overall thats what I'm working to.

I've decided to use the Thousand Sons kits and bash them with the grey knights kits (mainly for the weapons).
Colour scheme wise the armour will be dark red with bleached bone trims. I'm kinda thinking this army is after the escape to the planet of sorcerers but before Ahriman's final solution.
Daemonic fire will be used to complement power weapons/fists and I've decided to use forge world heresy missile launchers and meltas.
For the flamers I've decided to simply sculpt flames bursting from the mini's hands.

So a few pics:








I'm currently just finishing off the test mini (wolf guard guy with a flaming fist) so my painting skills will be up for review shortly.

I am fully open to all comments good and bad, ideas are very welcome. Hope you enjoy my project.

02-08-2011, 15:16
Very nice GS conversions, they look excellent, and fit the TS fluff very nicely.


02-08-2011, 17:16
Very nice GS conversions, they look excellent, and fit the TS fluff very nicely.


Thanks I've been working on my green stuff skills lately, adding camo cloaks to my catachan, mainly to really abuse the cover save rules :D

Ok first test mini is ready everyone, its not perfect but then again its not supposed to be yet. Main thing to remember is it hasn't been purity sealed and this has a big effect on overall appearance with regards to washes.






I'd love to hear anyones thoughts on the scheme, good or bad.
I personally struggled with the lion cloth, its pretty much flat and difficult to add any depth to, I think this may be due to the fact that the mini was never sculpted to be posed without a gun across its chest. So I'm thinking possibly adding some sort of icon to it to help hide that fact.

Interested on views on the fire as I'm not sure, standard fire won't work here due to the red armour I feel.

02-08-2011, 17:46
Neaat paintjob. I'll follow this project

Shadow Fall
03-08-2011, 23:42
How else could you field 4 sorcerers?

i hear the warp whispering... grey knights...


04-08-2011, 08:48
I love the pre-heresy colors, go with them! :) The swords in the first couple of images, what have you taken them from? :) *subscribed*

04-08-2011, 09:03
I'm half way through reading A Thousand Sons at the moment and I understand why you started this army. Also, great conversion and paint job.

04-08-2011, 09:43
How else could you field 4 sorcerers?

i hear the warp whispering... grey knights...


You are a bad person, I must resist temptation to even consider alternatives....
Seriously though I prefer the horde to the compact elite and last April the guy who won best painted did so with thousand sons - grey knights. Gotta do something different.

Thanks for all the postive feedback so far, update shortly :D

The weapons are from the grey knight kit, literally loads of swords and arms posed in angles different from the norm. Perfect if your very bored of chainswords like me!

Glad your enjoying reading Thousand Sons! I'm saving Battle for the Fang for the train trip to Notts in Oct.

05-08-2011, 16:29
Hello all!

Quick update before my missus runs off to London with the camera for the weekend.

A Second guy has paint on him and is nearly done, now I'm happy with the scheme I'm ready to start batch painting and motor through these guys.


I've also added flames to the first of my rune priests and nearly finished the armour


Just for fun heres one of my flawless host term's from the wolf wing list, I need to finish them then I'll do a group shot with their term rune priest.

Postman brought me another box of sons today so if all goes to plan next update on monday should include the first lot finished.

Also need to go shopping for brass rod, I have something cool planned for the next lot ;)

05-08-2011, 17:04
I have to say i think these are turning out lovely :-)

I'm not sure i agree with Thousand Suns using the SW army list (arent they sworn enemies?) but it does allow you the sorceror heavy list i suppose!

List aside, the conversions and GS work along side a flawless paint scheme are turning out terrific.


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08-08-2011, 18:14
Now that's looking sweet.

08-08-2011, 21:01
Looks great so far. I thought about doing this once but im busy with my Death Guard and next project is my Dark Eldar followed by Night Lords (by which time hopefully we have a new Chaos Space Marine Codex with all the Legion specific stuff. You can use the Tomb Kings Tomb Guard blades on all those power blades to make them look even more thousand sonish :)

New Cult King
10-08-2011, 01:40
The red 1KSon is beautiful. I've been considering a Heresy/pre-Heresy 1KSons force, and I might just steal your scheme.

Vomikron Noxis
10-08-2011, 18:48
Not a fan of the counts-as list (I never am, but each to their own!), but the models are looking awesome, and I love the scheme!

11-08-2011, 02:40
I'll echo that Im also not a fan of counts-as lists.

However the painting on both the sons and the members of the flawless host is simply fantastic. Will be keeping an eye on this, big fan of pre-heresy armies.

11-08-2011, 20:04
Hello all!

What a week, lots of things getting in the way of Warhammer but I do have an update.

Firstly the Chaos Gods conspired against me with my first batch of mini's.
Ever had Purity Seal failure? Well if you haven't let me explain, you get your mini's ready all painted, then as normal spray them with purity seal and :eek: as they dry they are covered in a fine white speckling!

Now this has happened before so the damage was minimal to my Sons as I'm a cautious Purity Seal sprayer but :wtf: I shouldn't spend hours painting only to have it ruined!
The damage could be repaired, re highlight and wash over the armour, but thats not the point so I rang GW as I was quite annoyed this time.

Long story short, I was told if its been hot and its humid, if you hold the can too far away from your mini's then the moisture in the air attaches to the spray and settles on your models!
Got some tips to fix it, apparantly you can paint them over with matt varnish but in my experience this produces mixed results.
To be fair GW did offer to replace the purity seal and the minis, if I couldn't repair the damage.

Heres an example of purity seal fail over a test mini for my flawless host


And if as suggested by GW hold the can closer...


So firstly thanks for all the great comments, I'm glad you like the scheme, I'm very prone to fretting in the search of perfection and end up spending far too much time messing about with the test mini.

So without further a do a group shot


Rune Priest


Hunter with cc wep n pistol


Hunter flamer guy


Hunter with bolter


still a few bits to do after the purity seal episode and I've not done the shoulder icons yet, I'm gonna do a bit of research first into egyptain symbols prehaps use them to separate the squads etc.

More soon I have a few more nearly done and will be painting on matt varnish from now on and the second squad is well under construction!

11-08-2011, 20:32
Such a damn good work. Keep them comming :D

12-08-2011, 09:55
Wow, I love this. The color scheme is really, really nice. Love all the little touches. Great job.

12-08-2011, 13:24
Hello all!

I forgot to add yesterday, no correction was kicked off the PC before I could finish by the missus :rolleyes: (Warseer is far more important than face book or ITV catch up)

Whoever mentioned Tomb Kings, I did check their weapons out I think I may try and use some of that, they do look good. Prehaps for future Terminators?

"Counts as", a few people mentioned this and I felt the same, its only over the last few years that I've changed my view.
I think IMHO what it boils down to is this, can your opponent fight a battle against you without any doubt creeping into his/her mind during the battle about what a certain unit does/represents?
I think its this that causes bad feeling over counts as, whenever I do a counts as I try to put myself on the other side of the table and above all make my army simple to understand - hopefully
I think the amount of effort you put in also has a bearing on it, fluff, painting, conversions etc.

April TOS a guy turned up with an amazing Kroot counts as Tyranids army, excellent paint job (nominated for best painting) but ended up being disqualified from the tourny because his army was too difficult to follow.
He had to stick post it notes next to each unit, each game, so his opponent knew what everything was!
The irony is if you download the new event guides you'll see one of his carnifex's, a kroot driving a penitent engine, in the guide it authorises it as a suitable conversion :confused:

14-08-2011, 23:17
Beautiful painting and excellent mix of pre and post-heresy colours, these are my favourite 1000 Sons I've ever seen I think, bloody good work sir.