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03-08-2011, 17:15
I was hopeing that one of these new Plastic VC Characters would of been a Wight Lord. There Cataclysm spell is to summon a unit of Grave Guard with a wight but they dont make a Wight model, or a good one at least, anyone know if there might be one in the works?

03-08-2011, 17:43
Nothing's been posted on that end in the rumors section. I think the Wight Lord holding the banner is still a cool model and for something different, a converted Grave Guard would make a decent wight for now.

03-08-2011, 17:47
Take any model (from any army) that fits the gear you want, give it a skull head, and paint it in your VC theme. Done!

03-08-2011, 17:53
My vampire army involved converting many other armies' troops and making them dead. A wight doesn't even need a skull head. Just paint it to make it appear dead (grey/white skin, glowing eyes). Skull heads are also easy to convert and you can make pretty much any warhammer model into a wight.

03-08-2011, 17:56
Take Wulfrik the wanderer, replace the head with a cool grave guard skull :) If you want a BSB replace the trophy rack from he's back with a banner.

03-08-2011, 20:16
If you don't care about sticking with GW you could use a Thrall Warrior from PP.


03-08-2011, 22:26
Cool mini. How does it size up against the GW stuff?

THE \/ince

03-08-2011, 22:34
The Thrall Warrior is on a 30mm round base. Looking at his stance, he'll lap right over the edge of a 20mm square base - might be a bit awkward.

03-08-2011, 22:38
In fairness, a 30mm base is essentially a 25mm one due to the lip being huge...

But yes, 25mm will cause him to have too wide a stance for a 20mm base.

03-08-2011, 22:42
Or convert one up? Wight Kings are theoretically ancient warriors, but I'd never put it past a pointy toothed bastard to dig up the corpse of a recently deceased Hero, and reanimate it with a little extra....

04-08-2011, 00:08
Unfortunately I don't have one handy. To be fair his stance is no wider than Vlads. If I remember correctly he's probably about the size of wulfrik or a chaos warrior. I'll take a base from warmachine and compare it to a small warhammer base. That might help enough.


Well he looks to be taking up the back of the round base so It looks to me like he might fit. That is a 20mm base I took a pic of. The slots on the base are almost even the exact size. If all else failed you could simply pose him corner to corner and he would fit fine. The thralls body is also separate from his head. You could put him sideways if need be and change the way he is facing. You could also swap out his head for another one if you wish, like a helmeted one or sometihng.

here is a link to the bitz

04-08-2011, 06:36
Maelstrom Games BaneLegions do an absolutely gorgeous Wight King BSB. Fits reasonably well with GW stuff.

04-08-2011, 06:57
These (http://www.solegends.com/citcat94/cat1994050-03.htm) can still be found floating around ebay and are pretty decent imo. I really like them but a bit biased since all the grave guard I use are the metal ones that match these in style.

The Clairvoyant
04-08-2011, 08:29
i use one of the bodyguards for the liche from catacombs of terror (warhammer quest expansion). I removed the large axe arm and replaced it with a skeleton sword arm (TK skeleton version)
I too have a large unit of metal grave guard and he matches the style of them very well
Here's a pic of one: