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Pointy Headed Elven Paladin
04-08-2011, 08:52
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to get everyone's opinion on this High Elf army I'm planning on running for a tournament in September. It's based off Tarian's 2500 pts. Cavalry heavy army.

High Elf Army 2000 pts.Lords:
Prince: (General)
Equipment: Hand weapon, great weapon, dragon armor, & barded elven steed
Magic Items: Crown of Command, Talisman of Saphery, & Temakador’s Gauntlets
Sub-total: 295 pts.

Noble Army Standard Bearer:
Equipment: Hand weapon, lance, dragon armor, sheild, & barded elven steed
Magic Items: Banner of the World Dragon
Sub-total: 198 pts.

Equipment: Hand weapon, great weapon, dragon armor, shield, & barded elven steed
Magic Items: Scared Incense & Amulet of Light or Other Trickster's Shard
Sub-total: 162 pts.

Mage: (Lore of Shadow)
Equipment: Hand weapon
Magic Items: Guardian Phoenix, Silver Wand, & Warrior’s Bane
Sub-total: 140 pts.

Heroes Total: 500 pts.

Archer Regiment:
20 Archers with Standard & Musician armed with hand weapons, & longbows.
Standard Bearer equipped with Banner of Swiftness
Sub-total: 250 pts.

Archer Regiment:
10 Archers with Musician armed with hand weapons, longbows, & light armor.
Sub-total: 125 pts.

Archer Regiment:
10 Archers with Musician armed with hand weapons, longbows, & light armor.
Sub-total: 125 pts.

Core Total: 500 pts.

Dragon Princes Cavalry:
7 Dragon Princes with full command armed with hand weapons, dragon armor, lances, shields, & barded elven steeds.
Drakemaster equipped with Ironcurse Icon & Dragonscale Shield
Standard Bearer equipped with Banner of Ellryion
Sub-total: 300 pts.

Phoenix Guard Regiment:
15 Phoenix Guard with full command armed with hand weapons, heavy armor, & halberds.
Standard Bearer equipped with Banner of Arcane Protection & Keeper of the Flame equipped with the Skiensliver
Sub-total: 305 pts.

Special Total: 605 pts.

2x Great Eagles:
Sub-total: 100 pts.

Total: 2000 pts.

Points about the army:

1) Basically I'm hoping to wear down regiments with bow fire then charge in with the Dragon Princes, Great Eagles, & Phoenix Guard to break opposing regiments on the charge.

2) The list isn't magic heavy but features a lot of magical defenses on the main combat units.

3) I went with Lore of Shadows due to the debuffs in the lore. However I was also leaning toward High Magic as well. If you had a choice which lore would you choose for this army?

4) Phoenix Guard as a secondary special choice is more a psychological one than for any combat application they may have as I hope they'll draw more fire away from the Dragon Princes than anything else. However I'm open to suggestions for either White Lions or Swordmasters if you can suggest a better alternative than what I have now.

5) I can't decide between the Other Trickster's Shard or Amulet of Light for the extra noble. The shard is great for challanges but the Amulet benefits the unit as a whole (and there might be some VC & WE armies that might appear for this tournament).

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions you might have for this list. :D

04-08-2011, 14:53
Without the Amulet the only thing in the army to kill etherials is magic, that's a chance you'll take if you run with it.

I'd probably drop the standard bearer in the big unit of archers and split it up into 2 smaller units unless you want to give them the BoEF.

25% of your list isn't meant for combat and won't excel at it, you'll have to choose your combats very carefully to pull this list off.

05-08-2011, 01:59
There are two things in this list that concern me, otherwise it is fine.

1. Drop off the light armour and musicians from archers and take standard bearers or Hawkeyes for those units. That 6+ armour save is useless for archers.

2. List lacks combat units. 15 Phoenix Guard, 7 Dragon Princes and 2 Eagles aren't enough if you encounter horde armies that can absorb most of your shooting. That kind of armies (Skaven, Orcs & Goblins, Empire etc.) can literally roll over your army. You must be careful, because if you cannot brake the enemys nerve on charge or you fail a charge on critical moment, they will win by the war of attrition. Drop some archers, few magic items and perhaps one noble from the list and get Sword Masters/White Lions or more Phoenix Guard.

05-08-2011, 02:30
Add the BoEF to the Archers instead of Swiftness, drop L.A on all the archers.

Cut the 2 units of 10 for a block of 25 spears (F.C obviously), this will at least give you some much needed bodies.

Cut out the Noble with Sacred Incense and Amulet of Light entirely, thats 162 points being ill-effectivley used. Cut out all the useless magic items that are taking up warm body space in your list ie; Dragonscale shield and Warrior Bane -keep Skein (if you want). Also, dump the Drakemaster, his points do not justify another Dragon Prince.

With the roughly 200 or so points left over increase the Dragon Princes unit size to at least 10 and then also increase the P.G unit size to 19. With the remaining points, switch out the Arcane Protection banner with BoS, magic missiles are rare in 8th, your P.G aren't making use of Banner that protects them from M.M -they alread have ++4 anyway.

Your list lacks magic defense hard, and upon taken casualties will get smacked hard, and will almost be certainly playing from behind for a tie/last minute win. Use this to your advantage, deploy wide for less pie plate hits, be willing to throw your Semi-Chuck Norris at anything even a units a +2, ++5 gives him Ethereal makes him nigh unstoppable and can be used to hold units up all game

This being said, your list could actually run Tarian's theme, but better suited for 2K. For example, run 2 Nobles instead of a Lord and take a Lvl 4 Shadow Mage instead of a Lvl 2 and take Silver Helm Bus instead of expensive D.Ps, focus on getting into combat and breaking. This could also free up points for more like 24 P.G, which at this point becomes a force to be reckoned, with Shadow Magic of course.

Pointy Headed Elven Paladin
06-08-2011, 04:40
Thanks for the advice everyone. However a few things I ran into while revising the list with some of the suggestions above:

1) By including the 4th Lvl. Mage and increasing the numbers of PGs it began to look more like an infantry list so I started at looking at White Lions as being more attactive choice. Which in turn made the DPs more of a secondary attack unit. This also affected my choices with core as I switched between the Archers and LSG or Spearmen to effective support them.

2) Removing the prince also depowered the DPs quite a bit. Without CoC then wouldn't be able to hold up in close combat for long if they aren't stubborn assuming it doesn't break a unit on the charge. This in turn made more sense to field more capable special / core close combat units to compensate (especially if fielding a 4th lvl. mage).

The revised list look too much like a typical HE list by the time I finished so I'll have to think a bit harder about what to put in and take out.