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04-08-2011, 13:43
Hello... I have a couple of rules questions for lizardmen.

Firstly, if I make a cohort horde of 10 wide, and put 8 kroxigor in there, (4x2), will all these 8 krox get to attack as per the horde rules?

Second, I recall reading before about Tetto not miscasting on all doubles, but only on double 6... but I cannot seem to find this rule anywhere... How does this work exactly? I noted Teclis has a special errata that he does not miscast on other doubles than double 6... Is this the same for tetto? If so, where can I find the rule? (I speak of course of the phase where he uses is special power to make all spells cast with IF)


vinny t
04-08-2011, 15:12
Well as these are rules questions they probably belong in the Rules forum.

That being said I'll try to help out.

1) yes they would all get to attack.

2) I believe this is in the BRB in the magic section. It says that it is possible to get IF without a miscast and vice versa.

04-08-2011, 15:20
I disagree on the Krox getting their attacks. I hate to say so, but the Lizardmen rulebook does not state that there can be more than one rank of Kroxigor. It also states that Kroxigors in a cohort unit count as 4 skinks. That would negate the monstrous infantry rule in the BRB. I wish I could take advantage like that. You would have 15 (with champ) skink attacks and 24 krox attacks that way.

Until I see a faq that clears that up, I will go with only one rank of kroxigor in any given unit of cohorts (sadly).

On the second question, the BRB does state that you can get IF without a miscast.

04-08-2011, 16:47
Ok, thanks for the responses :)

and sorry about the wrong forum :D