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de Selby
04-08-2011, 21:03
I bought some black knights on ebay and included in the lot were these:

I'm not as familiar with the WFB back catalogue as the 40k one and embarrassingly I don't know what they are or when they are from. Obviously I have some kind of wight and some kind of necromancer, and two horses that I don't even think are GW.

The horses/ponies are small enough that the necromancer could actually ride both of them at the same time, but I don't think I'll model them like that. They might look good pulling a corpse cart...


04-08-2011, 21:16
The Necromancer was the old Dieter Helsnacht model which used to ride a manticore. The other is a Wight character I think.

THE \/ince

The Yak
04-08-2011, 21:16
What you have there my friend is (GW stuff only)

Wight= Wight lord (who fitted onto a classic zombie dragon)

Necromancer= The one and only Dieter Hescnicht The Doom Lord Of Middenheim!!! (who used ride a manticore)

Both legendary models from the time before The Undead where divided into Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts

The horse on the right looks like a wight lords horse but I dont recognise the other two.

There are people on here who would probably bite your arm off for those models so well done.

Look forward to seeing what you do with them.

Goo Goo Ga Chew!!

04-08-2011, 21:38
Ah Dieter. My very first warhammer monster. Bought it together with my dad on a childhood birthday. Biggest purchase of the year for me at the time.

I actually brought the model back from retirement for storm of magic.

04-08-2011, 21:45
The horses are from the skeleton cavalry models HERE:


I think.

de Selby
04-08-2011, 21:51
Thanks guys! Now I have names I've been able to find pictures of the original sets. Not sure what I'll do with them as I don't have the monsters for them to ride... I will have a think.

edit: post overlap with spoik. You're right. The zombie horses are so ancient they don't even have GW on the tab. But that's what they are.

05-08-2011, 12:38
The horses are from the skeleton cavalry models HERE:


I think.

Wow, those are amazing.

de Selby
15-08-2011, 19:20
Look forward to seeing what you do with them.

Well I have made a start. I have lashed the two rotting flesh horses to a corpse cart using some linen twine 'rope'. I think this is a nice effect.

I have two carts so to differentiate them further I rotated the pile of corpses and moved the driver to the front on the 'stock' cart. The drivers are not glued down so I can swap them.

Also, I am not as keen as some on the new plastic zombie dragon so I decided to treat myself to another stone cold classic, a Tom Meier zombie dragon via ebay. He's not got the wingspan of the new dragons but he has got front legs (and bags of character). I thought the people on this thread would like to see him:

15-08-2011, 19:44
The horses with the cart look perfect - this deserves a plog. Sometimes I think that if GW just looked at their back catalogue a bit they could find wonderful sculpts, just needed to be updated into plastic.

de Selby
15-08-2011, 19:53
I think the new undead (apart from the dragon) have a lot in common with the old undead. The skeletons in particular are so fine it's like 25 years of scale creep never happened. I might do a plog when I have time to work seriously on this army next month. :)

15-08-2011, 20:11
Those rotting flesh horses look great with the corpse cart. Good find! Also, I didn't realize that Zombie Dragon was so massive!

de Selby
15-08-2011, 20:41
For the record,

the Tom Meier zombie dragon is just over 15 cm long.

I spent ages trying to find scale shots before I bought it. Maybe google will find this post for the next person who needs to know...

Although it is a long model it is also quite low and skinny. I will build mine up on a bit of a hill to make sure it stands out.