View Full Version : 2,500pt Skaven

05-08-2011, 08:15
Having a go at a list, so if anyone wants to throw their opinion in then I'm happy to hear it.

Warlord, gw, shield, warpstone armour, dawnstone, crown of command, war-litter = 224pts

Plague Priest, Lv2, flail, talisman of preservation, plague furnace = 334pts
Warlock Engineer, Lv2, warplock pistol, warp-energy condenser = 128pts

42 Clanrats, shields, full command = 209pts
42 Clanrats, spears, shields, full command = 230pts
24 Stormvermin, shields, full command, storm banner = 267pts

40 Plague Monks, full command, plague banner = 335pts
9 Rat Ogres, master-bred, Master Moulder, electro-whip, 3 Packmasters = 447pts

Hell Pit Abomination = 235pts
Warp Lightning Cannon = 90pts

Total = 2,499pts


I figure both units of clanrats will deploy seven wide, with the stormvermin and their pig headed warlord in the middle to make sure they all stay put. After that, one flank is Clan Moulder and the other is Clan Pestilens. The cannon then sits back and shoots at anything that looks big and scary.