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The Anarchist
05-08-2011, 14:24
it strikes me as will soon be playing an all elven campagin with my gaming group as a re-introduction to us all for Warhammer after few months off. I've been a wood elf player for many years so feel they are my solid army and i want a change. this leaves me with the Druchii and the Asur, I want really a combat Lord to lead my force and was wondering what peoples views on this is?

Elves are never gona be tough, but are their characters viable combat lords/hero characters? or should i just go for a few mages and unleash some magical doom?
what are the good elven combat character builds, wondering both on character killing grounds and troop lawn mowers!

05-08-2011, 14:43
High Elf Prince
- Armour of Caledor
- Vambraces of Defence
- Great Weapon

High Elves rarely need better than a Great Weapon, as their special rule overrides the ASL penalty, meaning you still get ASF (and re-rolls to hit against pretty much anything). chuck this guy on a mount (Star Dragon :D )and watch him munch through pretty much anything :)

Feel free to spend the spare points on any other magic items you feel like.


05-08-2011, 15:29
Noble: BSB, great eagle, lance, shield, helm of fortune, guardian phoenix=222 points of head-hunting goodness. Breaks small cavalry/chariot units, war machines, holds s3/4 infantry as long as is needed, takes stand&shoot-fire for your weaker units, and holds a big banner while doing so. Impressive resilience for a HE character, and rarely disappoints in CC either.

By the same line of reasoning:
Prince: lance, shield, great eagle, dragon armour, dragonhelm, vambraces of defence and crown of command. A bit better resilience, a bit more CC power, and can take on everything the BSB can BUT he doesn't care for enemy static combat resolution unless you were trying to break something big with him, which is silly.

Now, these two won't die on you unless you play against empire/dwarves only (in which case having a flock of regular great eagles helps a lot), they won't break anything that has steadfast/stubborn (not regularly or reliably at least) but anything that goes in single rank or with no ranks, these two eat for breakfast or at least hold in place until something more serious like your white lions arrive.

For DE of course there is the usual dreadlord with stubborn, pendant of khaeleth and a magic sword of some kind, riding a (flying) horse and wearing full mundane armour. Plays pretty much the same way as the prince does.

Soloing elven combat characters with wings=awesome.

Von Wibble
05-08-2011, 16:52
I like a high elf prince with white sword, talisman of loec, armour of caledor, guardian phoenix.

4 S6 (usually reroll to hit) KB attacks, can reroll to wound and enemy reroll all saves for 1 round.

In defense, 2+/5++

Good character for assassinating enemy characters.

Tallopolis' combo is also good.

For a dreadlord, potion of strength (the rulebook one), hydra blade, pendant, no a cold one with heavy armour, shield and cloak. FOr 1 round you have an average of 6 S7 attacks, and you have a 1+ armour save with inverse ward. The only thing that will reliably hurt you is low S IAS attacks.

06-08-2011, 08:22
For a Dreadlord one of the more common builds is heavy armor, Sea Dragon cloak, Dark Pegasus, the inverse ward save, the dragonhelm, Crown of Command, and then generally a weapon of sorts *often Great Weapon*. He has a 2+ armor in combat, 1+ at range, Stubborn, 2+ ward save against flaming attack *often protection from Lore of Metal*, Mobility, and then the nastinest of the inverse ward save. He can hold up units and is really hard to kill outside an all out offensive with the Lore of Death.

For high elves, I have several I play around with though in all honestly I often prefer an Archmage over a prince. Alot of the princes gear depends on if I take a BSB. The White Sword variant was the one I started with. I also have often given him a Great weapn, the Armor of Caledor, either the Guardian Phoenix or Talisman of Endurance, and then the Radiant Gem of Heoth. With Lore of Death he is pretty good at sniping monsters, heroes, and other rogue elements you might want. I have done pretty well taking out mages with him. Generally Lv4s if I find they have no ward save or lv2s that are not in the same unit as their general.

The other version I have also ran is the Helm of Fortune, Great Weapon, Bard Elf Steed, Dragon Armor, and then tailor. At that point I can take the Radiant Gem of Heoth again with a ward save, or a ward save and the crown of command for stubborn. This guy is often more if I have Cav already in my list as he adds a nice punch *my dragon princes often carry the Banner of Eternal Flames, thus if he is with them he gets Flaming Attacks with his Great Weapon, and magic attacks if the Champion has the Amulet of light*. That said if you are in an all elf campaign you need not worry about cannonballs or stone throwers so much so he has less need for Look Out Sir rolls if he joins Infantry.