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08-04-2006, 09:20
First time trying out TK list, feel free to disect ^_^ I hear they are bad below 2k (Tomb King REALLY helps... plus makes Chariots core). Thoughts?

1500 Tomb Kings (1494 used)

Heroes Tomb Prince 196 points
Great Weapon, Golden Ankhra, Chariot, Light armor

Liche Priest (Hierophant) 135 points
Cloak of the Dunes

Core 12 Skeleton Bowmen, Standard Bearer 106 points

12 Skeleton Bowmen, Standard Bearer 106 points

12 Skeleton Bowmen, Standard Bearer 106 points

25 Skeletons, Shield, Light Armor, Standard Bearer, Musician 240 points

5 Skeleton Light Horseman 70 points

3 Tomb Swarms 135 points

Special Tomb Scorpion 85 points

3 Chariots 120 points

Tomb Scorpion 85 points

Rare Screaming Catapult, Skull of the Foes 110 points

08-04-2006, 15:29
take away 2 units of skelton bowman as they are not as good as you think and with the sspare points buy yourself another liche priest as your army is dependant on magic so the more you have the better and with that in mind get the staff of ravening as it is still anothjer bound spell to worry about and also the banner of the undying legion on the chariots

09-04-2006, 22:41
>>>>>>Hmm, I disagree with growlf!?!, I dont think you should drop both units of Skel Archers; as they will be a slight annoyance and are cheap. Investing in second Priest wont really be worth it in a such a small points game.

10-04-2006, 21:40
Lol, well... I appreicate the comments, two contrary statements :|

10-04-2006, 23:06
This list is ok, but has some flaws. Some suggestions:

1) TKs are really dependant on magic, therefor you should use AT LEAST 3 magic users at 1500pts. If you want another prince I'd suggest putting him on chariot and adding a unit of chariots, otherwise a priest gives you a more solid magic phase.

2) Having standards in those small, voulnerable archer units are like giving your enemy 100 free VP's. They're too easily destroyed. If you want to keep the standards, make it two bigger units of 20 each. Otherwise simply drop the standards.

3) This is more a personal thing really, but I find swarms kinda useless, or at least I find that a scorpion can do the exact same thing the swarms do, even better... So get a scorpion instead of the swarms;)

11-04-2006, 08:19
1) 2 Priests might be a good idea. Two Tomb Princes though, that's interesting... I might need more Combatty power it can provide.

2) Ok. That might be a good idea, considering that. I liked 12 because I can rank up if I need em too.

3) Hmm. I was thinking of using them as a direct screen, not neccesarily for war machine hunting. They get in the way without blocking LoS to my archers :)

11-04-2006, 11:16
Yeah, well... they're only ws3 with t2... Even with 5 wounds you're lucky if you last more than 2 turns... for 135pts that's really not good.

TK swarms are the only swarms in the game which are ineffective IMO, since they crumble whilst all other swarms are unbreakable.

11-04-2006, 21:02
Yeah, that's a good point. Crumbling would hurt them immensly...

Mad Makz
12-04-2006, 02:30
I have had good success in a recent game using a single swarm as a warmachine hunter, at 45 points it's a) the cheapest core choice I can get, B) not bad when tunnelling (it took on a Trebuchet, killed the crew after a couple of turns, paniced two units of nearby archers, and then managed to charge the back of a depleted unit of Grail knights with a damsel in it that was already in combat with chariots to the front, and focussed all it's poison attacks on the damsel, killing her.

So a single tomb swarm can operate as a cheap warmachine and mage hunter potentially, and is reasonably cost effective at 45 points, if a little bit slow moving after tunnelling without some magic assistance.

12-04-2006, 18:41
A single Tomb Swarm is a must. Wanna hear my kill list with one Tomb Swarm base? It's topped by a 5-strong unit of Chosen Khorne Knights.