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High speed low drag
06-08-2011, 01:43
Hi seers, I was recently looking at starting out my fantasy career with high elves... then i found these guys... they rock...

I come up with a list, a little thin on the elite side I know, just wonderd if you seers had any thoughts on where I could improve my list at 2k

Vampire lord, magic level, black arts, dark acolyte, ghoulkin = 360

Vampire, summon ghouls, dark acolyte = 145
Vampire, summon ghouls, dark acolyte = 145

40 Ghouls = 320
40 Ghouls = 320
40 Ghouls = 320
5 Dire wolves = 40
5 Dire wolves = 40
5 Dire wolves = 40
5 Dire wolves = 40
Corpse cart, balefire = 100
Corpse cart, balefire = 100

all in all 1970 points...

the idea is to have a vampire in each ghoul squad, and scout then charge into my opponents front line and ith 40 ghouls and the ablility from 2 vampires to make more, the units should kill whatever they hit, eventually through attrition, having the dire wolves (2 units per flank) move round and get flank and/or rear charges to help out or protect my flanks from counters

the 2 carts will be there to assist me in buggering my opponents magic and stopping him cast :D

any thought welcome

06-08-2011, 13:47
I'd say it needs something a little more "heavy hitting". Ghouls are easily the best core, but relying on just them isn't enough. Although they are tough, have multiple attacks and poison, they are still only S3, and don't have a save, and once your Vampires die (T4, 2 wounds and no save doesn't go very far) you will struggle to replace the casualties.

Also, no banners...every army needs a couple.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good theme...but it definitely needs tweaking.

To free up points, I'd suggest dropping a Vamp, 1 unit of Ghouls, some dogs and a cart. Get a WK BSB, some Graveguard, magical protection for the other two Vampires and a Skeleton bunker for your casters.

06-08-2011, 14:13
Lists like these upset me. Where's the skellies? The zombies? The Grave Guard?

There's nothing dead in your army except the corpse carts...

Seriously though, I think it would struggle in competitive play for the reasons BigbyWolf said, and would be too powerful for friendly play.

THE \/ince

Valkyrie Sky
07-08-2011, 08:23
Do you guys recommend Necromancer or Vampire as magic users?

07-08-2011, 13:34
Vampires every time, higher levels of magic. Need good protection against miscasts though.

Valkyrie Sky
07-08-2011, 20:46
Do you recommend taking vampire powers with them? Dark Acolyte or Master of BlackArts?

Am i allowed to take 50pts of magic items AND 50pts of Vampire power?
i cant find that rule anywhere.

08-08-2011, 04:41
You could give up both vampires and take a single lord with the same powers and not lose a lost i casting powerr, hes a lot more fearsome too.

09-08-2011, 16:16
ghouls just die. skeletons have a better chance with a 5+ armour. try giving the vampires lord of the dead instead.

09-08-2011, 17:46

You have some good building blocks, but some tweaking is necessary.

The ghouls are a great foundation.

Unless you are going to invest heavily in defense for those characters, you need to rethink your basic formation/deployment. In this edition of the game, your vamps will get destroyed very quickly in combat. The magic based vamp(s) need a bunker to hide in, doing their utmost to avoid combat. A bunker of skeletons with a banner (for Blood and Glory Missions) is a good place to start.

If this was my army, I would concentrate my casting power into the lord, dropping dark acolyte for summon ghouls and purchasing the Earthing Rod to reduce the possibility of the game ending on the first spell of the game (I have had it happen... in round 3 of a tournament on Table one). I would also strongly recommend the helm of commandment.

I would then drop both casting vamps for a Necro with raise dead and Van hel's, a Wight BSB, and perhaps some the fancy new wraith heroes. The BSB and the wraiths would bolster the combat ghoul units.

Regarding the ghouls, what I have been doing is running one big horde of 50+ models and one-two standard fighting blocks of 20-25. I figure that it is better to have one bonafide horde unit with staying power than to have 3 that can sort of get the job done. Add in the need for a bunker and you need to do some shuffling anyway. - Basically, I urge you to play around with your 120 ghouls trying out different sizes and formations in order to find what works for you.

Regarding the Dire Wolves... they are just terrible in 8th. They cannot take down war machines, and my experience is that their "support" charges usually backfire. They are still OK for distracting the enemy, but that is about it. I would only run two units at most.

As mentioned, you are still lacking a unit with punch. A unit of wraiths or grave guard with great weapons or a varghulf would all help out (listed in my order of preference).