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Lord Crag
07-08-2011, 04:50
OK guys, its been awhile, here something I've been tinkering..

Pardon the picture quality as it was taken with my cellphone, will post better pics soon!

A small project which can be completed on a weekend :


A 1/220 small Marasai, very cheap, so bought 3 of these little gems [er..old gems] to booast my exisitng small army of mechs for wargames.

They have to be:

smallish- about no more than 5-7 cm will be fine
have to have a base so it can move around the battlefield during the game so it wont topple easily
not to difficult to build
dont have too many delicate parts so it wont come off/break easily

Example of the sprue:

The parts as u can see, are dreadfully simple.

Some equipment used:

First mode is the beam rifle:
Its v thin n wuzzy!
The magazine and barrel were cut off, then reposition to my own design.

The Arasai was built as a mock up. The legs are awful!

It's pointing it's toes straight for both legs, making it weird..
The sprocket pegs below are thrown away and simply filled with HOT GLUE!

Evil eh?

Lord Crag
07-08-2011, 04:52
i added all the MSG pieces and painted it ! Here you go:
The red circled areas are the areas modified and added with plastic strips, etc.
The 3 holes on both sides of the foot area are added.

Initial drybrushing done and a little sticker decal added to the backpack:

Except the red mono-eye and highlighting on rised areas, some what done!

2 more of the same to go!

What do you think?

08-08-2011, 02:15
this reminds me of my old-school Gouf!

Loving the work you are doing and boy oh boy, a Marasai, I don't see those too often but man is that one looking good. Also, those are some classic models you got your hands on. If they are like the current first/simple grade gundam model range, that must be a difficult mini to pose because of how the plastics are (even more so with that models age).

I look forward to more of them and seeing them based. Also, what game will you use them in?

Lord Crag
09-08-2011, 04:10
The problem with this old kit is the legs. The feet point very straight forward making the pose awkard, so u might have to repose it abit.

The original inspiration came from this pic:

Made famous by this japanese dude Kow Kobayashi and the comic series were v popular back then.

Gone back to the basics :my idea of a good wargame [hobby] has got to be:

affordable [not spending a zillon bucks to get an army]
interesting enough for solo games or easy enough for yr frens who are interested to start their collection and join you.
collect cool things u like without conflicting rule 1. and 2.

I will try to use cheap pieces like die cast tanks and 1/72 plastic soldiers [scale here is of little or no concern]. For the rules i had Future War Commander but the Fast and Dirty rules caught my eye recently:


Will post more pics soon. Thanks for viewing!

09-08-2011, 04:33
Yeah, those models are definitely affordable. I still have a zaku 2 from around the same time as your Marasai and he was only 300 yen. However, those oldies require some work to get into shape with their current counterparts.

Hmmm, i now wonder if they ever came our with these titan test team M.S. Looking on that first link, there is a Dom who has this kit attached that looks very familiar.

Well, looking forward to seeing more work. I am half tempted to dig up some of my old ones and give them some proper care.

Lord Crag
10-08-2011, 14:52
Here's another one I've made :


The bazooka and the case of rockets are scratchbuilt using plastirods and pipes.


Here's a die cast APC and some 1/72 WWII german soldiers painted to look like Zeonic troops, scale wise they r bigger of course but i've plenty of them, so give and take abit i guess...

Thanks for viewing !

10-08-2011, 19:42
This plog takes me back man. I was a huge fan back when the Gundam Wing series hit toonami. I actually made a mock up rule set for a game I called Mech Arena. The rules were pretty flimsy and open for interpretation, but I was a lot younger then :P

Anyways, I really like what you are doing here. The Marasai with the bazooka is my fav so far. Makes me wish I kept my plastic Hygogg so I could tune it up and give it a proper paint job. One of the coolest Gundam designs in my opinion.

Excited to see where this goes. Might even have to get a kit and see what happens :D

16-08-2011, 14:17
I've been wanting to try painting some mech-type kits, but haven't a clue where to look for them, or even what earch terms to use since I don't watch much/any anime. How do you find your models?

Lord Crag
17-08-2011, 00:36
ebay is yr friend and I also use Hobbysearch :


17-08-2011, 10:12
Perfect -- thanks!