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07-08-2011, 13:08
I find some of the characer mount rules abit confusing.

Only one thats clear is the cav mount. You use its movement but other then that the character riding it is targetted so you use his toughness wounds etc.

ok. Now comes the confusing part (for me)

Chariots have alot of special rules, including impact hits to name just 1 thing. But when a character is riding one you count it as a ridden monster :wtf:

So does it lose impact hits? Since it has a mixed profile what part do you use now :confused: also can you give the character (and in effect the chariot) a better save or not? Do you count the base as 1 statline or as 1 statline+character?

Characters riding Monstrous cav mounts. Whose stats do you use when shooting at them? It states you target the rider *im assuming in combat here* but does that also mean for shooting? For example if you have a T3 rider with a T4 mount which tougness would you use :confused:

Maybe its in the rules somewhere but i cant find a clear answer :cries:

07-08-2011, 13:33
Yes, chariots mounts work like monster mounts.
No it doesn't lose it's impact hits.
It doesn't have a mixed profile, maybe you are getting confused between monstrous cavalry and monster mounts?
Character's on mounts always get improved saves.
It's two statlines.
You use the riders statline, except for wounds if the mounts is higher.
Yes, also for shooting.
Toughness 3 (yeah, I wish my cold ones got to use that toughness of 4!)
It's all in the rules for the various types you are confused about.

Hopefully that made sense :)

07-08-2011, 13:49
Chariots confuse me because they work like monsters. Monsters dont have impact hits...

Chariots also have 3 profiles, the chariot, crew and the mounts (hence mixed profile) if it works like a monster which profile do I use :confused:

The monstrous cav is clear now thanks :) Was just asking for clarification. The chariot is still confusing though :confused:

07-08-2011, 13:52
The chariot is separate to the character riding it.
So it retains all its chariot rules(impact hits and such).

08-08-2011, 12:05
Chariots with characters do not change the troope type of the model to Monster

However the character benefits as described for a character riding a monster: an improved armour save, shooting attacks are allocated randomly, close combat attacks target either the character or the mount.