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08-08-2011, 02:37
Hey guys, long story short, I haven't had any experience with 8th, but been playing since 4th.. trying to piece together a decent and not too technical list.
here are the two options:

List 1:
Runelord - anvil, shield, runes of balance, spell breaking, and stone
Thane - great weapon, kragg the grim, 2x fury, stone
BSB thane - rune of resistance, gromril, fury
thunderers - x11 w/ shields
thunderers - x10 w/ shields
warriors - x40 w/ GW, FC
hammerers - x25 FC
Miners - x25 FC and steam drill
GT - accuracy, pen, burn
GT - accuracy, pen
cannon - forging, burn
2497 pts.

List 2: and the one I like a little better since it's more painted!
I'll just list the differences:
-2 units of 10 thunderers instead of that extra guy on one
-39 warriors (since BSB will be there anyway)
-5 less miners
-37 slayers w/ musician
2500 pts.

since i don't know what i'm doing tactically in 8th, i don't really know if i want to bother with the hammerers. it's great that they are stubborn and all, but they still aren't a super great choice since i already have 40 warriors that do the same thing pretty much.. i have a slayer list and a bunch of painted slayers so it wouldn't be a thang to put this together, and i also see 37 slayers, although naked, still hard to get rid of in 6 turns especially if i can protect them for a couple turns and thats a good number of points on my board at the end of the game. what do you guys think?

08-08-2011, 03:28
You should go take a look at Bugmans Brewery. A fellow by the name of Furgil has pretty much worked out the best dwarf list possible at the moment in 8th.

All three of your characters are sub par and will die easily. Your thunderers are too small, your miners have no support and will be outmaneuvered quickly. Hammerers could be bumped to 30 at least. Drop the GT with only one rune of penetrating on it and get 2 OG.

Basically you want a runelord on foot and a BSB both with RoPreservation.

RL - 288
MRoBalance, RoSpellbeaking x2, RoStone, RoPres, RoResistance, shield

BSB - 165
MRoGrom, RoResist, RoPres, RotFurnace, Rofire (wpn)

Put those two characters in the hammerers and bring them up to 35 (use your extra miners as proxy.)

Make your warrior unit of 40 rangers, its only 40 pts and it gives you maximum flexibilty for placement.

Make your miners 15 w/FC steamdrill if you want to have them.

20 Thunderers w/FC

You can only have 30 slayers max.

Organ Guns are gold, get two for sure mate. You will need them to protect your WM and thunderers. Add slayers for flavour, they suck big time but a small unit of 8 or so could be useful for WM protection.

08-08-2011, 13:43
Ha! Funny thing that he is going to the same tourney that I'm going to in Houston next weekend.
I didn't realize that you couldn't bring more than 30 slayers in a unit.. which sucks everything.
I'm going to spend today getting a list together, thanks for the help!

09-08-2011, 04:35
The master rune of Grungi (sp) is also worth taking on your hammerers. Then 5+ ward vs shooting is nice and with careful placement could shield the hammerers and two more blocks of troops.

I agree organ guns rule. I don't have a lot of xp with thunderers, so I can't really comment on them.

I'm not sure what you are trying to do with your second thane. In general his points would be better spent on 10+ hammerers or warriors, unless you have a specific purpose.

09-08-2011, 20:12
no.. no specific purpose, and I wish I would have changed him before I submitted my list.. but oh well... I know it's not the ideal 8th list, but here's what I ended up going with:

Runelord - same
Thane - same
BSB - same
Warriors - x40, mus, standard
Thunderers - x10, shields
Thunderers - x10, shields
Hammerers - x35, mus, standard
Miners - x20, mus, standard
GT - accuracy, 2x penetration
Cannon - forging, flame
Organ Gun

I'm going to basically take a vacation and hang out with friends, so win or lose doesn't matter as long as I don't get wiped across all 5 tables.
I can already see that I would change the anvil/miner combo as I don't see it being worth the points for anything more than 1 or two games.
I would take the thane out and add either my other grudge thrower back in or another organ gun.

I'm going to see how it plays out, but I can only think that the organ gun will go fairly close to the anvil and on one flank.. the other flank will probably carry the thunderers pending on deployment. Then of course the two blocks in the center and cannon and GT wherever they need to be.

11-08-2011, 10:18
I would say list 2 will be more effective due to all that strong shooting and one big combat unit to take out what is left. But you will enjjoy playing more with the list with slayers.

Going into combat should be a lot more fun, and dwarfs can do that, so i would go with that list.