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09-08-2011, 07:18
Hi, got a 1500 list here i think is ok, wanted more fear causing things but couldnt get them in...i do like a scary army.

Oldblood + Carny + Gamblers Armour 375

Skink Priest + cloak of feathers + dispell scroll + level 2 150

Skink priest + Ruby ring of ruin + rod of the storm 115

Skink Chief + bsb + banner of swiftness + light armour + shield 99

Razordon 75

Ancient Stegadon 275

35 x Skinks + musician + standard + 4 x Kroxigors 409

Anyone got any better ideas than gamblers armour to make me oldblood more survivable at all? keep in mind it will have to be the same price as the armour or less as points for lords is maxed out at 375 here.

09-08-2011, 08:10
Unless I'm missing something, this is a bad list. Sorry!

1. In 8th edition shooting became a lot more accurate.
2. In 8th edition magic has become potentially devastating.

The carny is easily shot down by cannons and the like. Your ONLY proper unit (skrox) blasted apart by magic and templates.

You're left with nothing that can win you the battle.

That's pretty much what could happen every battle.

Besides that, Razordons are really bad. Switch to salamanders.

All in all, things are just too expensive for such a small points army. 400 points in skrox, 275 for the dino, 375 for the general...you just don't have enough points to buy yourself a decent core for your army, let alone good supporting units. Also, skrox units are rated pretty low anyway. If you really wannt go with a southlands list (lots of skinks) thats definitely up to you but I don't think this is the way to do is succesfully.

09-08-2011, 11:13
i havnt lost with these guys in the past three games against high elves, high elves and vamps. And not many armies have cannons dont forget. just want a better way to keep me lord alive if there is one really. and my skrox unit has done awesome, been a game winnner twice too...they are underrated in my opinoin