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09-08-2011, 13:14
I found custom building models to be one of the most fun parts of warhammer..

I've customized a Chieften with shroud of dripping death(a man skewered on a pole) a warplightning cannon, a warlord with warlitter, a poison wind mortar, and I'm finishing up my warlord on bonebreaker.

Skaven seem to be one of the easiest to custom build.

So, what other armies have you guys had an easy and fun time customizing. And how many: if at all; models do you guys usually customize per army?

09-08-2011, 13:23
I customize a lot. Check out the blog in my sig. I just built a custom warshrine (well there are no models for it so all warshrines are custom)

My chaos lord on manticore I also added a roman crest to. Little things like that.

09-08-2011, 14:09
See now im intriged to see these conversions! check my sig below and pop up on there to show em off. Check em out on at


So aside that i love my orcs and goblins for customizing to high hell! Its great fun to create scenes running through my units. Fight scenes between orcs and goblins is fun to plan out and also actually quite easy to make with how the arms go on the bodies.

09-08-2011, 14:11
There are tons of great examples of conversions and scratchbuilt models in the Modelling, Painting and Terrain section of Warseer. :)

09-08-2011, 23:29
Well any army given some thought can range from simple conversions to extreme ones. Based off of personal experience with my own armies, seeing others and browsing lots of internet logs when it comes to fantasy I'd tend to say the most heavily converted armies tend to be:

Vampire Counts
Warriors of Chaos

However there are some really good simple/complex conversions for nearly every army if you take some time to look around, come up with ideas, look at all sorts of bits etc. Warseer project logs contain some wonderful ideas for DE, HE, Skaven, VC, Chaos in general, Empire.

I'd say I haven't come across very much in the lines of conversions for Dwarf, Wood Elf or Brets however.

10-08-2011, 04:28
the most heavily converted armies tend to be: Vampire Counts....snip....I'd say I haven't come across very much in the lines of conversions for Brets however.

Vampire Counts are so easy to customize. There are so many easy possibilities using human bitz, especially the Empire Free Company. I'm currently modifying my VC into dead Bretonnians, ranging from simple conversions to complex ones.