View Full Version : Best build for a Tomb King?

10-08-2011, 17:51
I've been giving this subject a lot of thought. Other armies have certain builds that are reckoned all around builds, able to take on various threats.

I can't come up with a definite Tomb King build. The only build I would consistently field would be an uber survivable one - Talisman of Preservation, some armour/shield, re-roll armour save, re-roll Ward save, potion of healing, potion of toughness, either of tge Dragonbane items. Using the above a Tomb King can be incredible survivable with his T5 and W4. I'm a casual taker and I'd love to have a build (both Tomb King and the army as a whole) that I'd always pick because it's interesting.

What are your thoughts for Tomb King builds? Survivable, killy, denial (Golden Death Mask of Kharnut), other varieties?

Looking forward for your ideas and experiences.

10-08-2011, 19:00
the deathmask is too good not to take, no contest. as for the 40 points you get for protection, always take one of the dragonbane items. So that leaves us with

dragon bane gem
the +5 ward heavy armour

there you go.

12-08-2011, 14:56
What do people think of either the +2 or +3 Attacks sword, combined with the Potion of Strength? That leaves a lot of attacks with a normal, decent strength. Eunuch facing someone who must ie (enemy character, monster etc) the King can drink the potion, bumping him to S8. Depending on which version of the sword one selects there's a little points left for a suit of armour or whatnot.

For example:

Tomb King
- Sword of +2A
- Glittering Scales or Silvered Steel (if I recall correctly)
- Dragonbane Gem
- Potion of Strength