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10-08-2011, 20:25
So, obviously I have no pints values, but this is what i am thinking for the new OK army, for army lists starting at 2250.

Tyrant - Giant Breaker, XHW (if allowed)
2 Butchers Feedback and Dispel scroll along with a ward - 1 with Great Maw, one with Beasts
BSB w/Standard of discipline

8 Bulls w/ comm
8 Bulls w/comm
8 Bulls w/ bellower, champion
5 Ironguts
40 Gnoblars
40 Gnoblars
4 Leadbelchers
4 Leadblechers
3 Mournfangs
3 Mournfangs
Cannon thing.

The BSB and Butchers would each go in a Bull unit, with the Tyrant with the ironguts. I love the mournfangs, and they would be my flankers. I think I may be pretty heavy on specials, depending on point values. The cannon thing is, I think the scrapalauncher. I may be wrong. I love the model too much to not have one though. I'll up the core size and drop a leadbelcher unit as necessary, or drop the fangs to units of 2.

basic plan is to fill the middle with gnoblars, and own the flanks with the fangs and leadbelchers. The butchers are primarily there to buff and pick off anything that flees from a charge from the other units.

I know it needs a lot of work, and balancing but this is what i am thinking for the new book.

10-08-2011, 20:29
I think i will still be leaning towards a horde of bulls , large unit of guts and then mournfangs on one flank and stonetuck on the other with gnoblars tossed in. I dont think i will be taking a slaughtermaster and will probably keep the tyrant low points.

10-08-2011, 22:04
I am looming to save points in the tyrants well. My hope with this lists no one things stands out as a 'must kill'. I want some balance so of I lose on unit of fangs I have another etc. With this many units the table will be really small too. I am hoping to get the cav out fast enough to free up movement area.

11-08-2011, 21:29
Depending on if Ironguts get the option for a magic standard in the new book, I would give them the Standard of Discipline and then load up your BSB with stuff to keep himself alive. I would probably drop one of the units of bulls, beef up the Ironguts to 8 and use the extra points for something else. It sounds like you want to use the bulls and ironguts as anvils, so three anvils should be enough for a 2250pt game.

For the leadbelchers you might want to split them up into units of 2 since they will take panic checks if they lose 1 ogre regardless of whether they're 2,3 or 4 ogres. Take this with a grain of salt since I don't play OK but hopefully a veteran can point you in the right direction here.