View Full Version : Artillery in SoM, or how hard You can hit?

10-08-2011, 21:19
My Empire force is about to play its first SoM battle this weekend, and question is how much of artillery is too much?

I have read that you shouldn't go with standard rulebook list and with infantry and cav. i can see why, but when it comes to artillery i have a rock-hard nut to crack. Is it worth it to take engineer(s) and how many points on warmachines seems ok? Battle is like 3000+750 SoM allowance. I started with 2* G.C.+Hellstorm+Engineer, seems a bit not too much for my standard 3000 Empire.

All Advice is Welcome:angel:

Lord Inquisitor
10-08-2011, 21:33
War machines are undoubtedly good for getting enemy wizards off fulcrums. While they won't do D6 wounds, if you it the fulcrum, it'll do D6 hits.

Don't skimp too much on infantry and cavalry. They aren't going to win the game for you, but especially with puny human wizards on the fulcrums, you need them to be there to block enemy monsters or characters from getting to the fulcrums. Cavalry, unbreakable flagellants, stubborn greatswords, steam tank, war altar are all good in this role as they can either move quickly or tarpit or both.