View Full Version : Sea Gaurd or Spearmen?

The Anarchist
10-08-2011, 21:55
How do sea gaurd compare to standard spearmen. the reason i ask is HE can use spears in 3 ranks, fire in two if well positioned, so 2 large units of Seagaurd, 3 deep 7 across would be powerfull in shooting and in taking a charge.

Alternativly Spearmen are slightly cheaper and so can have more points to get a few light archer regiemnts that might be able to fire for longer if they are unengaged in combat?

overall how do people view them in comaprison?

10-08-2011, 21:59
First off, high elf spears can fight in 4 ranks (1 standard, 1 supporting, 1 for spears special rule, 1 for martial prowess special rule), 100% worth taking advantage of this regardless of the unit you choose (spears or sea guard)

I think competitively spears/archers outdo sea guard, purely because sea guard are a bit of a catch 22. You want to use their bows, but then you aren't closing to use the spears. If you can afford to stand still and have your opponent come to you then i can see their worth, otherwise less so.

That said i still use them because,

1) their models rock (IOB) compared to the current plastic spears and
2) I like their fluff

11-08-2011, 01:33
In my recent games I find that if my common HE enemies are taking spearmen they intend to buff them with a wizard...if they take seaguard they intend them to babysit themselves and act as a self contained unit to hold the line while they buff their elites....

Personally I think seaguard are better....they are slightly more expensive than spearmen and have the lucury of shooting as well as fighting......I say if you don't intend to mindrazor some spear elves then don't bother with them and get sea guard...

plus their models rock and are easy to pick up

11-08-2011, 01:39
(I almost didn't reply to this thread simply to not argue with Okuto again...)

Arrow fire does very little in 8th, and high elves are best in combat. Put those together and I see no reason to trade more combat models for a handful of arrow kills.