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11-08-2011, 10:02
Ok, just for something completely different, I thought I'd make a gunline army with the models I have available, here goes.

Night Goblin gear shaman
Lvl 4, dispel scroll

Orc Shaman
Lvl 2

Night Goblin big boss BSB
Great axe

Gitilla the hunter

40 Arrer boyz
Full command

4 x 20 Night goblins
Muso, standard, 3 fanatics each unit

10 wolf riders
spears, shields, bows Da howlerz

4 spear chukkas (one of them has to hit something?......doesnt it?)

2 rock lobbas

1 Doom diver.

I know it isnt the most competitive list, but I thought, it's different for greenskins so why not :) Basic gameplan, stand there and shoot the hell outta everyrthing and hope there isnt much left by the time it gets too me. The fanatics are a bit of a last ditch effort at getting the enemy to flee, because the night goblins will just fall to bits once they get into combat with ANYTHING. I like gitilla, and this seemed the perfect army for him

11-08-2011, 15:18
I'd can the spideys for four more fanatics; I use a roughly similar list and have found the gobbos excellent, insofar as just using them as carriers for the fanatics; they're like skaven slaves with slings, it's nice when they hit something, just don't rely on it.

PM me or post a batrep whenever you field this thing, I love O&G gunlines.:)

12-08-2011, 07:23
I might do that, I dont see 5 spider riders doing anything except dying.. more fanatics it is!