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11-08-2011, 16:30
Hi all. Quick question regarding the comet spell.

As the spell is not a remains in play spell, and cannot be dispelled once cast, can the wizard cast it again the following turn even if the first has not yet arrived, potentially having three or four on the go by the end of the game?

I only ask as in a game I played the other day we couldn't find an answer so ruled yes.

The first comet (cast on the higher level) took ages to land bringing 8 tokens to bear from the impact, the second came down almost immediately and didn't really do much, so it didn't really play that much of an impact, but I just wanted some clarification on which way is right?


THE \/ince

11-08-2011, 16:42
It's not a Remains in Play spell, so there is nothing disallowing you from casting it in later turns while waiting for the first comet to impact.

Think of it as any other damaging spell, only it has a random delay.

11-08-2011, 16:51
That's what we thought. Thanks Scalebug.

THE \/ince