View Full Version : First SoM battle; Empire 3000+750. would You mind to take a look?

11-08-2011, 22:40
Hi! Looking for some feedback before the D-day. Tank you !

Army, Empire, storm of Magic, 3003 pts.:shifty:

Arch Lector of Sigmar, General; AoMI,SoM,ICIcon; Great Weapon ;

29 Greatswords, FC ;

1 BSB@
Full Plate; Warhorse+Barding;
Sword of Power, Luckstone, Potion of Speed;

10 Knightly Orders ,FC,2h-w, Banner of the Eternal Flame ;

1 Wizard Lord Lore of Life, LVL4, Rod of Power, White Cloak , Crown of Command ;

39 Halberdiers ; FC;

1 Battle Wizard lvl2, heaven, Dispel Scroll

1 Battle Wizard ,Light,lvl2, Crystal Ball

1 Captain ,Full Plate;Pegasus,Sword of Antiheros,The Other Tricksters Shard,Charmed Shield

1 Steam Tank

Master Engineer

2 Great Cannon ,1 Helstorm Rocket Battery ,

5 Pistoliers, mus.,champ+reppis.

30 Flagellants;

Magic+monster allowance (750 pts):

Arabian Puzzlebox; carried by wizard lord life;

Griffon;Chomp, ASF,

5 Harpies; flaming attacks, killing blow;

Truthsayer; lvl3 beasts,