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Big Mek LugNutz
13-08-2011, 06:48
Heya Warseer,

I'm really new to Warseer so please don't get mad if I post this in the wrong topic section, or if theres any other issues with my first few posts :cool:.

I'm partially new to the thought/possibility of entering a tournament, because for the longest time I've been working on all my armies at the same time (which slows progress for each individual army, to virtually a stand-still.

So now that my army(ies) are completed I was just wondering about how strict and to what extent; are the rules for tournaments... such as the Ard Boyz tournaments. I heard from some guys down at my local hobby store that the Ard Boyz tournament was too strict, and that it wouldn't last because of the intense, angry etc. atmosphere it created. I was wondering if the majority of other tournaments are the same?

I also read something about the "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) rule. And I was wondering how strictly tournaments enforce this. If I wanted to give one unit of Space Marines frag grenades, and one unit nothing, do I have to visually represent the difference in equipment between the two? Or If I give all the Hormagants in my army toxin sacs do I still have to include a visual representation if all the units take the upgrade?


13-08-2011, 07:00
Ask yourself this question: Is there a chance someone might be confused by this?

If the answer is yes then there's a problem.

13-08-2011, 07:05
AMKhaibitu is right, although in your example, grenades are usually allowed IIRC

13-08-2011, 07:41
Grenades tend to be allowed but that is usually the exception to the rule. Generally if there is a part used to represent the upgrade you should use it. However if all your termagants etc. have a specific upgrade that is better than one unit having and one not for example. IT may also be a problem if you decided to model a part because it looks cool and you're not using the upgrade. The easist way to clear up any problems is to run your opponent through the list telling him/her what each unit has and also to provide them with a copy of your army list.

13-08-2011, 09:32
Just an FYI, the example you give is somewhat moot as all SMs come with frag and kraks as standard, I say somewhat as Black Templars don't IIRC.

13-08-2011, 10:49
Tournaments usually are fairly strict about WYSIWYG, and for good reason. In today's tournament scene, you can be playing for quite a bit of in-store credit (a tournament in my area last month was offering $500 store credit to the winning player). With that kind of money up for grabs, I have run into my fair share of unscrupulous players who will cheat to win. Rules-bending and breaking is bad enough. If they didn't have to follow WYSIWYG, it would be very easy for them to pull a lot of really irritating tricks.

13-08-2011, 16:12
A lot depends on the tournament. I have been in tournaments where _everything_ had to be WYSIWYG. I have been in tournaments where they allow one unit to be proxied.

Ususally grenades are excluded from WYSIWYG.

In my experience, unit upgrades do not have to be WYSIWYG, as long as all units, that can, take the upgrade. If only some take the upgrade, you better model it.

14-08-2011, 01:52
i don't know about the part where the tourny will make you angry or anything most i played in were pretty easy going. just watch out for angry losers

as for wysiwyg YES! it is enforced pretty much all the way Just make sure that if you have something that is not make sure something picks out that model. Like a blue ring around the base or something

14-08-2011, 03:43
personally I just mount every option on my guys...that way no one can complain.....power fist or pw.....my chaos marines carry a power sword in one hand and a power fist in the other.....ork big shoota or rokkit launcher.....I mount a rokkit on the big shoota.....felling like changing a special weapon up for my platoon squads.....model one guy out of the four to carry them all in a backpack....thank goodness I don't have this prob with my tau.

14-08-2011, 04:33
It depends on the tournament. In my experience most tournaments require models to be WYSIWYG but that doesn't mean much. My entire demon collection is filled with counts as models and converted models that look nothing like their representations. My rule of thumb is if I can tell who has what special option and can tell different units from eachother ill allow it in my tournament.

14-08-2011, 05:02
Ard boyz is pretty hard core. I spent 3 hours this morning building nobs and getting everything within wsiwyg. Even slabbed on red paint in areas that could easily be painted over. I had nobody contest my abusing of wound allocation like a bastard, it was all clear what was what. Damn trukk boarding blanks.....points wasted.