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13-08-2011, 08:23
So, next weekend I will be playing a 1000 point game with characters only, as part of a campaign. The restrictions are only allowed up to 50% lords, and there are no monstrous mounts or special characters allowed.

I'll be facing an army following the same restrictions, and will be one of the following: Orcs, Tomb Kings, Warriors of Chaos, High Elves or Dwarfs. Here is the list I have chosen, and I'd like your opinions:

Scenario 1 (990pts)
1000pt Empire Roster (Standard)


* Lords (486pts)

* Komman - General of the Empire (216pts)
Barded warhorse (21pts), Full Plate armour (12pts), Runefang (100pts), Shield (3pts)

* Pyrin the Fire Mage - Wizard Lord (270pts)
Arabyan Carpet (50pts), Talisman of Preservation (45pts), Wizard level 3

* Heroes (504pts)

* Elkhem the Metal Mage - Battle Wizard (115pts)
Crystal Ball (15pts), Wizard level 2 (35pts)

* Captain Blud - Captain of the Empire (119pts)
Barded warhorse (14pts), Full Plate armour (8pts), Potion of Strength (20pts), Shield (2pts), Sword of Swift Slaying (25pts)

* Captain Korage - Captain of the Empire (124pts)
Barded warhorse (14pts), Full Plate armour (8pts), Obsidian Blade (50pts), Shield (2pts)

* Father Gesos - Warrior Priest (146pts)
Heavy armour (4pts), Shield (2pts), Sword of Justice (20pts), Van Horstmann's Speculum (30pts)

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Dark Aly
13-08-2011, 21:27
why go for the arabyan carpet and not a pegasus? It's not a monstrous mount so should be fine. In fact I'd be tempted with the whole force on Pegasus' (it means no priests but oh well).

15-08-2011, 03:17
I'd definitely recommend going with Lore of Death on your Wizard Lord rather than Lore of Fire, since it is tailor-made for killing characters and that's all you'll be facing. In fact it's a pretty big advantage to Empire in a game like this that they have access to it.

I do approve of Lore of Metal as a secondary choice, since you'll probably be seeing a lot of 1+ or 2+ armor saves :).

The rest looks good except that I'd say the Runefang is overcosted and you'd possibly be better served by more defensive items (Dawn Armor is gold, and, well, a ward save is nice; note you have access to another 4+ in the form of Holy Relic) and Sword of Fate. With the Sword, select the most threatening enemy fighty character, get into them, and it will perform better than the Runefang overall for 40% of the cost. You could try to squeeze in the points to upgrade this character from a General to a Templar Grand Master to get an extra attack, maybe by getting rid of the Carpet or downgrading the wizard to a 5+ ward, but that's not totally necessary.

The Other Trickster's Shard would also be a great thing to have somewhere (especially on someone with Sword of Fate :)).

I expect Van Horstmann's Speculum to perform well for you, by the way! Good luck.