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13-08-2011, 08:26
just trying to make the most competative list to use in a tourney vs mostly powergamers. armies will be dwarves, other dark elves, 2 daemons, 2 WoC, skaven, brett, empire, tomb kings, orcs & goblins. nothing will be fluffy, every nasty combo will be utilized so i'm hoping for a list that will be able to hold it's own, especially since i havent played that much DE and very new to 8th (played 6th and 7th quite a bit)

LORDS - 553

dreadlord- 268
- h armor, shield, sd cloak (+15)
- crown of command (+35)
- dragonhelm (+10)
- pendant of khaleth (+35)
- soulrender (+15)
- dark steed (+18)

standard unkillable lord. was initially against this, but it seems like i'm gonna need him to compete. dark steed instead of pegasus since i dont have the points

supreme sorceress- 285
- upgrade to lvl4 (+35)
- sacraficial dagger (+25)

this is pretty much mandatory, some sort of protection would be nice but alas i have no points. i am a little worried about miscasts and losing concentration with only one caster though.

HEROES - 225

death hag- 225
- cauldon of blood (+110)
- bsb (+25)

again, this is standard in pretty much every DE list.

CORE- 714 (604 true core)

10 repeater xbows- 100

10 repeater xbows- 100

14 dark elf warriors- 84

28 corsairs- 320
- mus, banner (+15)
- banner of sea serpent (+25)

5 harpies- 55

5 harpies- 55

the bare minimum core. i'd love to add another unit of repeaters and harpies, add shields and buff up the warrior and corsair units a bit, but no points for it!


20 black guard 306
- mus, banner (+21)
- banner of murder (+25)

24 witches 265
- mus, banner (+15)
- banner of eternal flame (+10)

5 shades- 80

5 shades- 80

the witches and shades units might be a little small, but again, no points to buff them up!

RARE - 175

1 hydra- 175

no points for another hydra!


basically I've included everything i wanted to include (except the second hydra) and i'd love to buff some of the units but i just dont have the points. i could drop the dreadlord to buff up the units and add the second hydra, but would it really be worth it?

13-08-2011, 13:52
I'd be inclinced to drop the shield on the dreadlord, seeing as he already has a 1+ vs shooting and can't use it in combat (personally I prefer the Sword of Might instead), drop 4 Witches, drop 3 Corsairs and put the points into boosting the shades up a bit, and giving them extra hand weapon.