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13-08-2011, 22:30
Heya all,

In a couple weeks their is going to be a Doubles Tourney. I have no idea whom my partner will be or what they will bring. I need help making the best list I can with what I own. I "might" have an extra $50-$75 to add to my army before the match though.

I know your out there Malorian so your help will be needed aswell since your the Goblin King.

Rules for the List:
No Special Characters(Skarnsnik and Grom can be used as something else)
1600 Points
Allied Rules(with your teamate)
Other Standard rulebook/armybook rules apply
**thats all they mentioned**

So here is what I have, and help me make the best I can. Anyone is Welcome (:

1x Skarsnik
1x Grom
1x NG/Normal Warboss/Bigboss BSB
2x NG Warboss/Bigboss
2x Goblin Warboss/Bigboss
2x NG/Normal War/Bigboss on Wolf
1x NG Warboss/Bigboss on Great Cave Squig
2-3x NG Shamans
1x Goblin Warboss/Bigboss on Gigantic Spider

100x Night Goblins /w spear
120x Night Goblins /w bows
15-20 Fanatics
(about 6 full commands for the Night Goblins)
70x Commin Goblins /w Spears
40x Common Goblins /w Bows
(about 4 Full Commands for the Common Goblins)
45x Spider Riders(5x Full Command models)
27x Wolf Riders(1x Full Command)
5x Snotling Bases

1x Troll

1x Giant
1x Arachnarok

Please help me out!

14-08-2011, 23:59
I'm thinking I am going to go with Large block of Goblins. like 2 50+ blocks. Possibly around 100 and just go steadfast/horde heavy. Letting my teamate do all the killing as I tie everything up. Arachnarok will probly be my only Killy unit on my side.

Now I am also trying to decide on what magic lvl's and how many of each.... I don't know if I want to run Wolf Riders or Spider riders though. Trying to decide if I should just invest all my points on just Big'ol Goblin blocks. Primarily Night Goblins with 3 fanatics in each one. and then should I use Bows or spears? or HW/Shield?

15-08-2011, 07:22
what about a night gobstar? 100 ng spears, fc, nets, 3 fanatics and as many heros and lords you can fit. give one the battle axe of the last waaagh! give your general either the silver armour or the heavy armour plus 4+ ward then the bsb the other. If you get flanked or rear charged ( or more than one) reform heros to their weakest support and break them off you.

use your team mate to support you and keep things off your flank and get ready to destroy.

if you have points left over take the giant, people go to great lengths to them before they get to combat... which is great because they are poo in combat :) but they are great at eating a turn of magic and shooting :)

15-08-2011, 23:38
Here is a list i chucked togeather

NG warboss, armour of destiny, luck stone, great weapon
NG warboss, Axe of the Last Waagh!, Sheild, Lt armour
NG warboss, lt armour, Great weapon, Iron curse icon
NG warboss, lt armour, Great weapon

Ng shaman, lv 1, Dispell scroll
ng bb, standard, standard of dicipline, lt arm, sheild
6x ng bb, lt armour, great weapon

120 Night goblin spears, FC, 3 fanatics, nets

3 snotling bases


All bosses aboard the ng power bustar. If the rules allow it keep the standard, bsb, and caster in the second rank.

dont be affraid to reform this into weird rank sizes to keep your stubborn, but i would start out with a 12 model frontage.

With shaman take either poisioned attacks or the base spell, and roll very conservatively, go for your spells after your partner has gone, you will only need one power die plus your magic mush.

use the giant and snotlings as a short term flank denial that will get you one or two turns with open flanks. Or, if you get so lucky, use the giant as a hammer, but remember to roll every I3 attack before the giant in case you get yell and bawl.

first turn of battle you get; poisoned/armour peircing/not...
5-10 I5 s5-10 ws2-4 attacks first
then a bunch a spears, a shaman, bsb and your fc
then ASL 12 s6 ws 5 + 18 s6 ws 4 attacks

16-08-2011, 19:53
Sounds interesting. I might try it out. I am just affraid of those super epic spells from the generic Lores that just rape units.

16-08-2011, 21:43
they are not that scary, and there wont be many scary unkillable cupped hands life slanns at 1600

18-08-2011, 19:58
New Information. On the Tourney....

Possibility that whom you think is your partner will change.(Talking about Randomizing partners the day of) So the people who tailored there list to buff there teamate might end up with a completely different set up/comp teamate instead.

Missions will be in this game.... So the Standard Bearer one, and Watch Tower >.<

So I think I might need a unit for the Watch Tower match.... In addition, Can you release Fanatics from inside a building?... Also!!! I will probly need a couple more units for more Banners in my army. In case of that one Mission.... and some sort of flaming attacks so I can fend off Regen models.

18-08-2011, 20:22
you are good for the standard one, as you can put all the important guys in the second rank, for watch tower i would rely on your partner to have a 20 man if needed, otherwise you have the can opener needed to push someone out of the tower if needed.

maybe give one of the bbs the flaming sword, but it really is not needed

18-08-2011, 22:28
This is what I was possibly thinking of. Going with more so of your idea.

Goblin Warboss (General)
Armour of Destiny
Great Weapon
Total = 126

NG Warboss
Last Waaahg
Light Armour
Total = 161

NG Warboss
Great Weapon
Obsidian Lodestone
Total = 106

NG Bigboss (BSB)
Standard of Discipline
Light Armour
Total = 74

NG Bigboss
Great Weapon
Iron Curse Icon
Total = 39

NG Bigboss
Great Weapon
Total = 34

NG Bigboss
Great Weapon
Total = 34

NG Bigboss
Great Weapon
Total = 34

Night Goblin Shaman
Dispell Scroll
Total = 75

112x Night Goblins
3x Fanatics
Total = 476

5x Snotling
Total = 150

Total = 290

Army Total = 1599

18 str 6 attacks Initiative ASL
5-10 str 5-10 attacks Initiative 5
All the spear Goblin attacks

20-08-2011, 10:45
Must be a super awesome list if no one else is going to add to it. But I doubt thats the case.

20-08-2011, 16:50
right? that is how i feel when no one commments on my lists, and why i try to put my 2p in on armies i have experience with.

20-08-2011, 23:34
I would comment more on other people's list if i played competative builds.... So what do you think of the list I have "Fusarius".

21-08-2011, 17:24
i have never used an arach, so i cannot really speak to its usefulnes, but it will atleast eat a turn or two magic and shooting.

split the snotlings into two units.

otherwise i think it is good