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14-08-2011, 00:22
Could anyone give me any feed back it would be nice

2500 point chaos army list

Chaos lord- 410
-mok (frenzy)
-goc,acid ichor (whenever he character loses a wound in cc attacker takes an automatic s4 hit for each unsaved wound)
-magic items- Giantsblade (plus 3 to strength), potion of toughness (plus d3 t one use only lasts one turn only)
-pond stone (rerolls failed armour saves)

Chaos sorcerer- 216
-lvl 2
-mot (plus 1 to casting attempts and plus one to any ward save)
-goc- Third eye of tzeentch
-magic items-tailismin of preservation (4 plus ward save)

Exalted Bsb- 250
-mon (-1ws -1bs)
-Blasted standard (5 plus ward save against shooting attacks)
-Demonic steed (fear)

Chaos warriors X25- 475
-mon (-1ws -1bs)
-the rushing banner (plus 1 on m)

Chaos warriors x25- 460
-mon (-1ws -1bs)

chaos knightsx10- 480
-mon (-1ws -1bs)

14-08-2011, 05:55
Wrong area, should be posted in the Army Lists subforum.

That said, I tend to play a pretty extreme elite low number army, and I think you have way too few models. You're paying an average of nearly 40 points per model. You're over spending on your characters and have absolutely no non elite units. Warhounds and marauders are a must, simply for the numbers. This army may look great when you see the stats, but they will break when they all have enemies in front and on each flank and no support.

14-08-2011, 14:05
/Agree with TheOneHawk. You'll have four units on the table, so prepare to get outflanked even by High Elves. Lore of Metal isn't the most popular, but if you end up across the table from someone fielding it on a level 4 just concede before the game starts.

25 Chaos warriors will be very hard to shift for most players but against a savvy opponent you'll be losing combat by one or two each round, especially since you went with Str 4 attacks instead of halberds. If attrition is going to be your main tactic, I'd suggest taking your lord off the juggernaut and putting him in one of the warrior units, dropping their current standard for the Banner of Discipline.