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14-08-2011, 04:58
first: sorry for the pobebly worst english ever, i am dyslectick and @work they dont have a spelling/grammar correcttor...

i am planning a Storm of Magic game with my friends. we are a pretty compeddetive group and we play to win. the only house rule we have in these games (we have done them before) is that each part of an alaince can only have 1 special char. so a max of 2 special chars/armie.

in the next fight its 2 vampire players vs wariors of chaos/dark elves.

its 6000p vs 6000p with al players bringing a 3000p armie and 750 extra (so that would make it 7500 vs 7500)

one of the vampire players was talking a bit to much about their plans for the game and he revealed that they where both going to take 3 vampires with the master of the black art skill. this would give them +12 power dice in their magic face.

now i have fought about how to counter this with my team mate but i cant find a decent counter... i only hope all they do with ther power dice is summon new units. because that wouldn't be a problem with, what in my opinion, are the 2 most attacking armies in warhammer. but hoping they would do that inst realy much of a counter.

what can i do against an army that generates +12 dispel dice (before channels or even roling the amount of dice every one gets)

in advance: thanks for the advice

14-08-2011, 18:38
the only armies that I can think of to counter those number of power dice are dwarf, empire. Lizards could with becalming cog.

But you are using WoC and DEs. So ideas for you. I dont know too much about dark elves. Though with WoC there is the black tongue and infernal puppet combo.
Hellcannons will help, remember fulcums counts as building soo stone throwers (hell cannons) will do D6 hits to the one wizard.

Other ideas.
- Combat character on disc or steed of slaanesh to target the wizards.
- use the 750pts to buy lots of fast moving combat monsters and zoat. having access to life for WoC is very nice.
- run a shadow and nurgle sorcerers for the combos of withering/enfeebling foe and curse of the leper to remove whole units at once. by dropping strength or toughness to 0.

Another thing to think about, having soo many power dice means chucking more dice at spell and increase chances of miscasting. Its highly amusing to watch your oppodent blowing themselves up.

also if there they are getting +12 PD, that means a lots combat characters for you to worry about. that means there are 6 character vampires running about. so target first off the heroes level vampire. they are toughness 4 ( I think) and only 2 wounds. So a couple of decent miscast and they are gone.

To sum up my general rambling is.

Dont worry too much about the amount of power dices they generate. just worry about killing the characters. Vampire very much suffer from the losing they are character. Cut off the head and body died.

14-08-2011, 19:34
The number of dice in a storm of magic game is almost irrelevant, it's always going to be high and the spells are always going to be nasty.

On the plus side, miscasts are terrible and a chaos / dark elf alliance will be an expert at twisting the knive when miscasts happen. You got the infernal puppet, that nasty dark elf ring, the black tongue and you can expand on that with items like the feedback scroll and Wissan's weighted dice. (pick a magic phase, use the dice to turn all 5's into 6's, bring your best evil smile as you make your infernal puppet dance)

To further complicate things try bringing bringing the doom totem (-1 leadership for any who see it) and a cygor (nasty creature that throws rocks and makes wizards piddle their pants). Feel free to bring anything else that lowers leadership to enhance the Cygor's effect, lore of shadows probably has something useful.

If you can't beat them at dice rolling in the magic phase, make them regret having that many dice in the first place.