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Hey there!

I'm working on some background stories for my Sister of Battle character in Dark Heresy. I thought I'd share them here and try to get some opinions. I'm not a brilliant writer, but I had good fun writing this.


Ref: Inq/0573628596866/BI
Author: Sister Superior Shiana Raine
Subject: Our Lady of the Grey Shroud's fall
Planet Name: Aryus One (Feudal)
Location: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Calixis (Malfian Sub)
Tithe Grade: Exactis Particular


It has been many months since the events on Aryus One, and I have come to the decision that I would be remiss if I did not document what happened. Indeed, I owe it to my fallen Sisters, that their sacrifices never be forgotten.

In recent decades the shrine of Our Lady of the Grey Shroud had become a popular destination for pilgrims touring the sector. It was such that Cannoness Livia at the Gallowglass Commandery (of the Order Militant of the Argent Shroud) petitioned a Mission to maintain a vigil there. Twenty Battle Sisters were charged with the protection of the shrine, under the command of Sister Superior Prioris Regenia Maktus. I acted as her second, and Sister Superior to my own junior squad.

Note on Our Lady of the Grey Shroud:

It is said that in 7 575 973.M41, the tears of Lady Lucenia Rusep of Shelus city forced an encroaching Daemon to return from whenst it came. The church would have it that the foul monstrosity was driven back by the Lady's faith. Lady Lucenia disappeared that very same night, leaving only a grey cloak as evidence of her existence. She was declared a saint soon after.

The chain of events:

4 555 998.M41: The quarter-centennial anniversary of Our Lady's Passing approaches. Preparations are made by the local Ecclisiarchs to host an appropriate celebration, and more Pilgrim's arrive than have been seen throughout the year.

4 558 998.M41: Sister Superior Prioris Maktus falls ill. The tradesman's rebellion in Shelus City occurs, after Lord Governor Zandros issues a taxaton increment designed to hold down the lower classes.

4 564 998.M41: Sister Maktus' condition worsens, and I assume immediate command of the Mission. Some of the more veteran Sisters voice their reservations. The tradesman's rebellion is brutally put down by the Lord Governor's Knights, and peace returns to Shelus.

4 567 998.M41: An aged man styling himself as “Truth” begins to gain support from the lower classes, bringing word of salvation from the “great lie” that the Imperium imposes upon the citizenship. He offers freedom from the oppressive Lord Governor, and to complete the “real” work of Our Lady of the Grey Shroud.

4 574 998.M41: The anniversary of Our Lady's Passing arrives, and a sermon is planned for the evening. Father Thome organises the final preparations, and after a morning of prayer, I ensure that my Sisters are adequately prepared to perform their own duties.

Shortly after the ceremony begins, a large mob from the city arrives wielding swords and maces. Squad Ophelia deploy into a battle line, and stand between them and the festivities. One yells;

“You murdered Lucenia! Her folly shan't be our own! TRUTH! TRUTH!”

As the mob erupt into an overwhelming chant, and Father Thome steps down from his stage, marching towards the upstarts. He demands that they cease their disruption, lest he have them forcibly removed. After a moment, a rock thrown from the mob strikes the father on the forehead.

Immediately, Veteran Sister Augusta blasts the thrower with a short burst from her bolter. The man's chest explodes in a display of viscera. The mob reacts quickly, and charges towards the congregation. Sister Novi drags the father back towards the chapel as the line of Sisters unleash a well disciplined volley of bolter fire into the charging mob. The noise of frenzied panic is mostly drowned out.

Rows of civilians fall to the brutal display of gunfire, and shouts come from the congregation. Several apparent pilgrims begin attacking their peers, and autofire weapons are produced. The more local members of the congregation, unused to seeing much in the way of technology, begin panicking and fleeing. I call out to warn my squad, and order them into action. We fall back towards the chapel, and form into a firing line.

The initial mob loses its momentum, and Squad Ophelia turns around in time to meet the charge of the armed pilgrims. As this happens, others charge my own squad's line. They break upon our bolter fire, whilst Squad Ophelia holds off its attackers. A helmet-less Sister falls to an autopistol shot.


The prophet makes himself, and his true nature, known. He appears in the melee with Squad Ophelia and erupts into green balefire. An unholy inferno consumes the entire squad, and many nearby pilgrims. Sister Novi drags Father Thome into the chapel behind us, and we bitterly retreat inside. Few innocent members of the congregation still live, and some manage to rush through the door with us. The slaughter and resultant screams outside can be heard clearly. We recite our prayers and steel our minds.

Augusta. Secilia. Infey. Tosh. Tryse. Berndatte. Conswalla. Cionne.

The pilgrims amass and hold the chapel to siege. The corpses of our Sisters are looted for their weaponry, and left in mocking, impure positions. I speak a vow of retribution.

4 576 998.M41: The pilgrims reveal themselves as cultists, and indoctrinate the tradesmen into their order with a foul blood ritual. Their numbers have grown since yesterday, and we ill have enough bolter ammunition to deal with them. Sister Superior Prioris Maktus' stays upstairs, with the shroud. Her fever grows worse, and command remains with me. Father Thome dies from his earlier head trauma, and is taken downstairs and into the catacombs.

Truth walks before the Chapel, and demands entry. He threatens use of force, and declares that no bullet will fell him. His form is bulbous, and muscled. Fire lights his eyes, and Sister Selene begins praying for the Emperor's mercy. Some of the civilians weep. I resolve to confront the heretic, lest my Sisters lose hope.

I draw my bolter, and open the chapel door. Sister Marie and Diannas stand upon a balcony above me, covering any attempted rush. I threaten him;

“You wish to bring your own damnation closer, witch! We shall be glad to act as your guides. Come, bring your filth forth – that the Holy Boltfire light your path. ”

He laughs, dryly, before eyeing me with an appraising look that beckons with it great unease;

“So be it. I have offered you and yours mercy, girl. I shan't do it again. Close your door, and let it act as a temporary comfort – all will pale before the might of my master.”

I reply in anger, screaming a curse. I will admit that I cannot remember my words, as my temper had defeated me. He turns, and pays me no heed. By nightfall, the cultists attack. We hold off their initial assaults, yet their bodies fall ever closer to the chapel proper as night settles in.

4 577 998.M41: Ammunition runs low, and some are reduced to using to their auto-weapons. Many cultists have fallen, but not enough. Three Sisters die to return fire, with the blessed bolters of our fallen seeing use against us. Eight remain.

Novi. Diannas. Daecar.

The cultists bring forth explosives, and make a full on charge towards the chapel. Their assault is costly, yet successful. They breach the walls, and fighting rages within the structure. My Sisters fall, one by one, until only myself and Sister Selene are left to retreat upstairs. We close the door to the shrine, and lock ourselves inside the room with the recently deceased Sister Superior Prioris.

Marie. Antandar. Salah. Sophie. Salrae. Rhaiya. Maktus.

The door proves strong, and the attempts at gaining entry to the shrine proper are halted by its heavy set bolted frame. It can only be a matter of time before they find a way through. Sister Selene and I load our auto-pistols and ready ourselves behind the cover of a table, in front of the tattered grey cloth. I resolve to keep watch first. Nothing happens.

4 578 998.M41: A chant from outside awakens me: “Truth! Truth! Truth!”. I hear an inhuman roar, though lack the ability to see its source. After a moment, the sound of heavy footfalls leading up the stairs drown out all thought, and my focus turns towards the slow, thunderous march. The door is brought down into the room with an ungodly strength, and a sickly green, horned abomination the width of two men and a foot taller than one steps through. Selene weeps vainly as the sound of my autopistol burst cracks through the air. I hit it in the chest several times, and five oozing holes trail a path from its shoulder to its waist. It grins toothily, and runs at me.

My next recollection suggests that I blacked out, as my memory jumps to me forcing myself to stand with a broken left arm hanging loosely at my side, and a scarlet, haemorrhaging hole in my stomach. The beast feasts on Selene, who is long dead and marks the walls with her blood. I groggily draw my chainsword – if I am to die, then I shan't allow these heretics the courtesy of my quiet decline. I hear terrified screams outside, though my adrenaline pushes me heedlessly onwards. “For the Emperor!” I roar, and charge. The Beast turns with a contradictory quickness, and makes to grab me. I twist and duck, bringing my chainsword up towards its throat. The Emperor sees my blow strike true, and I near sever the monster's head from its shoulders. In its death throes I am knocked out.


During my fleeting moments of consciousness, I find myself wrapped in the grey cloth of the shroud and being carried in the arms of a man in glorious golden armour. In my delerium, I saw the man as the Emperor himself, come to take me to eternal tranquility at his side. I later learned that he was Inquisitor Lord Davos Amosis of the Ordo Malleus.