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15-08-2011, 10:53
What would add to this list...

Liking hydra but is it sensible?
Are Execs, shades, witches or spears a more balanced choices

What are ur experiences with hydras at 1.5k vs. VC n SK?

Dreadlord +fortune armout +EShield +OgreBlade +COne = 260
Master +HA +SDC +SoMight = 103
Sorceress +Lv2 +FFamiliar +ToFurion = 175
19 BAC +FCmd +SSS = 240
10 XBW +Mus +Sh = 115
10 XBW +Mus +Sh = 115
5 COK +FC +BoCBlood +RubyRingofRuin= 215
CoChariot = 100



The Other
15-08-2011, 11:38
To be honest, i think a hydra would do well. The opposite army would be doing all they can to kill it , and without including fiery attacks they can can take alot of punishment. In CC i think they get thunder stomp, but im not sure; and in close combat could easily take on dwarfs or elves not equipped with great weapons, so avoid Hammerers and Swordmasters and the like .

If your oppenent has some powerful ranged and weak infantry, its definetly worth a shot as apposed to executioners, shades, witches and spears they would die quite early on if shot at , and they are not nice to loose before they get into combat.

Im not a DE player, but its just how i would face them and have done in the past.

16-08-2011, 08:52
I think you should make some other changes to your list first especially with your characters! I don't see why you aren't using any of the Dark Elf magic items on your Dread Lord. They are far superior to those in the core rulebook. Re-equip the Dread Lord with full mundane armour, the Pendant of Khaleth and the Crimson Death. This gives you a Dread Lord with 1+ save vs shooting, plus the pendant. A 2+ save and pendant in close combat, plus he has strength six attacks even when affected by a spell like Soul Blight.

Next Drop the Master I don't see the point in having him because he fulfils no particlular. If he were to be useful you would need to make him your army's BSB, otherwise drop him and save some points.

Your sorceress is illegal because she has two arcane items. A character can only have one of each type of magic item, and the same item can not be taken by two characters. Drop her Focus Familiar and give her the Seal of Ghrond for a bit more magic defense. Also make her use the Lore of Shadow because the spells synergise with Dark Elves very well.

I'd increase you corsairs to 21 men to form three ranks of seven. Corsairs should prioritise getting more attacks than forming ranks. If you want a unit to act as a ranked steadfast block you should use basic Dark Elf Warriors.

The Cold One Knights look fine, but you should increase their numbers with you have any spare points, the more knights the better. To get a few more points for more Knights remove the Ruby Ring from the Champion, it serves no particularly useful purpose because the Knights should be in combat most of time not attempting to launch Fire Balls. If you want a use a magic item on the Champion I recommend the Ring of Hotek, which will really mess up enemy mages when in range.

Finally on to the Hydra. They are a fantastic unit, and probably the best value in the Dark Elf army. You are a bucket load of attacks with hatred, a very high strength breath weapon and the ability to shrug off a huge amount of wounds with its two saves. It's only real weakness is fire attacks on a high strength attack. However, those don't come along very often, and lower strength fire attacks generally will not cause that much damage because of its high toughness and reasonable armour save.

If you want more tactical advice on Dark Elves have a look at www.druchii.net, the website has the most comprehensive tacticas for Dark Elves on the web that I've found. I hope I've helped in some way with your list.


16-08-2011, 13:46
Cheers for comments guys how does this look...

Dreadlord +HA +PoK +CD +CO = 243
Master +AoD +SR = 120
Sorceress +Lv2 +ToF = 150
19 BAC +FC +SSS = 240
10 XB = 100
10 XB = 100
5 COK +FC +BoCB = 190
CoC = 100
5 Shades = 80
Hydra = 175



16-08-2011, 20:20
Since the Hydra tends to be run up the flank I would argue for 50% more points it has more than 50% more use than a chario on the flank.

I still think Chariots are OK (better in Beastmen) and with Hatred and a good save can still do some nice damage.

16-08-2011, 20:42
Yeah i've only really taken one as i really like the model, still trying to source new cold ones for it

Slashattack, i'm not really sure what to do with my master, he is kind of their to support the corsairs against any etherreal etc, i've tried to figure out a good BSB but i can't see much of an advantage as the corsair unit will be immune to Psych? am i missing a huge tactic with DE?

16-08-2011, 21:36
I wouldn't worry too much about ethereal stuff as not many VC players from what I've seen don't use many ethereal units. If you are worried about them use mindrazor on one of your units to give it magical attacks, or change use the Lore of Fire instead of shadow, plus your Dread Lord with the Crimson Death can hammer ethereal stuff.

Having a BSB is a huge bonus because of the benefits it bestows upon the army. A 24" diameter bubble which allows your units to re-roll leadership based tests is pure awesome, and the cost to get a BSB is nice and small.