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The Other
15-08-2011, 14:11
Recently, i played against another WoC army using a Hellcannon much like me. My opponent argued that it could move and shoot in the same turn because of its specials rules or whatever.

This is definetly wrong isnt it?

The rule didnt really make much difference in the game itself though as i misfired and got 6, a direct hit it on first turn doing 6 wounds :) .

Furthermore, it seems pretty much every game i get a missfire that forces my hellcannon into combat. What size base should i get as its awkward calculating whats in base contact without a base :confused:

15-08-2011, 14:42
He's wrong.
From the GW Warriors of Chaos FAQ:

Q. Can the Hellcannon move and fire? (p66)
A. No.


15-08-2011, 19:18
In regards to the base size , well there isn't any hard and fast answer.

The official line I believe is "whatever is appropriate'.

Most that I've seen have fallen between a chariot and a screaming bell base.

16-08-2011, 12:27
The best size to accommodate the model is 80x100, basically, the size of a 20-model movement tray! However most people I see using one try and fit it on the smallest base possible to limit warmachine/close combat attacks on it. Bizarrely I'm the one that gets accused of cheating with my own one though :/

16-08-2011, 16:30
Heres a question then

Is the Hellcannons shooting attack a flaming attack?

Its called something like "Doomfire" or somewhat, but nowhere does it state its a flaming attack

16-08-2011, 16:35
As it doesn't say it is flaming, it isn't flaming.

Doomfire still isn't the only burning thing that doesn't do flaming hits, oh well. Engine of gods does that as well, burning alignment I think it was...

16-08-2011, 22:13
To give an example from the same book the chaos dragon's 'fire' breath isn't a flaming attack either. Ha ha ha.

17-08-2011, 02:48
The next step of this rules query is whether the Hellcannon can pivot on the spot and then still fire..