View Full Version : 1000 pt army list

The Other
15-08-2011, 16:51
Heres my army list idea for small tournament style games that i will be using against Tomb Kings, Dwarfs, Skaven, High elves and Orks.

Lvl 2 Wizard using Fire. Spell Familiar. 135pts

24 Chaos Warriors, Sheild. Full Command. MoT + Blasted standard. 474 pts

10 Marauders with flails. 50pts

3 Trolls. 135pts

Hellcannon. 205 pts

Total 999pts

Please say how i could improve this as im quite new to WoC.

15-08-2011, 20:21
10 marauders won't do one single thing. Period.

24 chaos warriors is probably overkill at this points level. I'd cut it to 10, personally, but most will probably recommend 12-18. Either beef up the marauders so they can do something (at least 25 in the unit) or drop them and bring a bunch of warhounds to cover flanks. Both, if you can. Trolls without Throgg or a BSB will have to be babysat by your general the entire game. I'd drop them for marauders. Trolls will pack a hell of a punch but they need help otherwise they're just going to wander around the battlefield picking their noses the whole game.