View Full Version : A balanced DE force.

16-08-2011, 05:24
Since I'm selling off all of my other armies, I've decided to convert my dark eldar into Dark elves. I want to stay away from "cheese combos like the unkillable dread lord and such. How would you build a balanced DE force?

16-08-2011, 13:45
Unkillable Dreadlord on its own isn't necessarily a cheese combo, it's within the context of the rest of the army that it matters. For example, if you have max Hydras as well then it starts to look cheesy, but even so, if the rest of your army is quite weak then even that isn't strictly cheesy either, so it's really a matter of preference; if you really want a powerful Dreadlord as a key piece of your army, then by all means take one, just balance the rest of your force if you're planning to play mostly friendly games.

An "unkillable" Dreadlord on Black Dragon for example is a fearsome figure, but it's not without its weakness, as it can be gotten the better of with combat resolution, and potentially run down, especially if cavalry get involved, and certainly if the dragon is killed first, leaving him stuck on foot. But it can be a great addition to the army for vicious flank or rear charges, and over-killing war machines or other vulnerable units.

Otherwise, Dark Elves are a great list for variety and fun, as there aren't any units that are really unviable in 8th, though some aren't stellar choices right now, such as Black Guard I think. In general though, you can't go wrong with units of Repeater Crossbows as Core, though personally I love Corsairs as well for some tar-pit/horde blocks (reform as required). Dark Elf Warriors are arguably better value, but the Corsair models are just much nicer I think.

Executioners are always a good choice for an elite combat block, while Witch Elves are a bit less reliable (no armour) but churn out a fairly obscene number of poisoned attacks, back them up with a cauldron for maximum effect (though it will benefit most units as well).

So ehm… yeah, there's plenty of viable choices, the best place to start is with what you want in the list (or what you have suitable models for), and then fill in any gaps.