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16-08-2011, 05:58
Hey guys,

Just wanted to see what the general opinion is regarding these guys, since they look like an attractive (albeit unofficial) troops choice.

Can I also see a show of hands, how many would like to see this made into an official addition to the Codex Eldar forces, like the Night Spinner?


16-08-2011, 07:00
They are nice as troops. The sad thing is that they will lose their move+assault ability which imo is WAY too much caution from Forgeworld if you compare other choices in other codices. Anyway, they are a bit expensive, but since they are troops and all Eldar are expensive, it is viable.

You don't get my hand though for putting them into the basic Codex. Imo they are Corsair-related and would boost avarage Eldar much too far into mech-section (they already are, no need to make troops mech too).

16-08-2011, 11:10
Well, they would be pretty decent FA, especially if the hornet doesn't make it into the next codex :) . I doubt regular eldar would get walkers as troops, though, and if we do I'm almost sure it would spark an arms race as everyone else will want their bestest mostest incredible army to have them too.

It may be possible if a HQ allows you to take one squadron as troops, a la the Big Mek and his pet Dred.

Dwane Diblie
16-08-2011, 15:42
The only way I would allow them in the normal craftworld eldar codex is as a special unit. 0-1. I do not mid where thay sit in the codex but no more than one unit. Same applys to the hornets and the wraithseer. If you want more then use the Eldar Corsairs list.

16-08-2011, 16:53
Same applys to the hornets and the wraithseer. If you want more then use the Eldar Corsairs list.

I don't see why, I doubt the Corsairs are the only ones who know how to make a variant walker model. It says they are the most common users, that's all. If the next codex decides to impose a 0-1 restriction, meh, where do you think corsairs mostly get their larger weapons from?.

As for hornets and the wraithseer, these have no particular connection to corsairs, so restricting them for craftworlders makes no sense whatsoever. The wraithseer actually shouldn't be in a corsair army at all: the spirit of a mighty seer, taken outside of the infinity circuit where it rests and deposed into a wraithbone body is about as craftworld-exclusive a concept as you can get; renegades and mercenaries like the corsairs have neither the opportunity nor psychic know-how for that. The Hornet is simply a light tank and the fluff at the FW site says it's integrated in craftworld doctrine. I'd expect it to be grown by the bonesingers just as any other eldar vehicle, and corsairs may simply have a few they've bought or been given.

16-08-2011, 20:09
The wraithseer already is effectively a 0-1 choice - you have to have at least 1 non wraithseer HQ choice.

My only reservation about the wasp is its ability to jump and assault. Not read the rules recently but I seem to recall it has a 30" assault range with this ability which is silly. OK, they aren't great in assault but the ability to first turn charge pretty much any unit sits poorly with me.

Dwane Diblie
17-08-2011, 00:39
To say that others can take them is not an argument. If SMs want a Stormraven then they have to use a BA list (or GK). What is you have a chaos renegade army. You can choose modern equiptment (SM) or Chaos Marks but you cannot have both. This is the same. It is flavor. If you want that flavor then take the corsair list if you just want a little taste than take the Craftworld list.

17-08-2011, 04:44
I think it would be fair to allow Craftworld lists to field one unit as a Troops choice, but only one unit to prevent people from spamming them. I predict that making them Fast Attack choices for Craftworld Eldar without restrictions will just result in 3X3 spamming as they are written now (30" assault is a bit much hahaha, maybe once a game jumping would be better).....

As for a Corsairs list fielding multiple units of them, we'll need to see the upcoming updated on rumored for IA 11....

Of course what I'd really like to see is a 5th or 6th Edition Codex for Craftworld Eldar, fixing some of our units and reducing the cost of our vehicles/transports, amongst other things..... But we know that would never happen, right? Lol

17-08-2011, 05:07
From the current PDF:

In a Codex Eldar army a Wasp Assault Walker Squadron may be chosen
as a single Troops choice.

Sort of solves the walker spam issue.

Maxis Lithium
17-08-2011, 05:31
I've seen a few people get all excited about them being troops, and I kiip reminding people that vehicles in troops are not scoring (much to the IG Armoured company's dismay.) Given that Forge World has now put 2 armies out there where walkers arein the troops section (Ork dread mob and the Space Marien Siege list I believe) and perhaps now the Corsairs list, I would not be suprised to learn that 6th ed may allow troops walkers to be scoring.

17-08-2011, 05:39
They probably should be scoring. I mean, if you can have terminators and terviyons that score, why wouldn't a dreadnought or war walker be able to? Its essentially just a guy in a augmentation armature, albeit larger than a terminatr suit