View Full Version : 2k Skaven for SoM Tourney

16-08-2011, 08:49
This one's a while away, but I may as well start planning now. Especially if I need to get some other stuff. So, with 2,000pts for an army and 500pts for SoM goodies I came up with this.

Grey Seer with talisman of protection, crown of command = 320pts

Plague Priest with flail, Lv2, warp scroll = 174pts
Chieftain with great weapon, shield, BSB, storm banner = 126pts

40 Clanrats with shields, full command, poisoned wind mortar = 265pts
27 Stormvermin with shields, full command = 241pts
13 Giant Rats, 2 Packmasters = 55pts

6 Rat Ogres, master-bred, Master Moulder with electro-whip, 2 Packmasters = 319pts
30 Plague Monks with full command, plague banner = 265pts

Hell Pit Abomination = 235pts

Total: 2,000pts

Storm of Magic
Truthsayer with Lv3 (using Lore of Life) = 245pts
4 Sabretusks with scouts, bane claws = 104pts
Windcatcher Prism (on Grey Seer) = 150pts

Total: 499pts


Grey Seer with Stormvermin (7x4)
Chieftain with Clanrats (5x8)
Giant Rats (5x3)
Rat Ogres (3x2, with Master Moulder and Packmasters on one side)
Plague Monks (6x5)
Plague Priest and Truthsayer on arcane fulcrums


The only thing that's been suggested to me so far is to use the SoM allowance to take a pact with Daemons, primarily for a Tzeentch Herald with master of sorcery and some Horrors to bulk up troops. The pact would probably look like this:

Herald of Tzeentch, master of sorcery, daemonic robes, disc = 185pts
15 Pink Horrors with full command = 210pts
3 Flamers = 105pts

Anyway, your thoughts?