View Full Version : IoB-based High Elves 2.400 [WIP]

16-08-2011, 18:33
this force is based on the Island of Blood set and its models. it is themed, but includes many options a competitive player would use.

LORDS [325 points]
Archmage, LvL 4 (High Magic)-325 points
(Annulian Crystal, Guardian Phoenix)

HEROES [369 points]
Order of Equites Clibinarii
(3 nobles using the ellyrian reaver models that all have the following profile:)
Noble-123 points
(barded elven steed, heavy armour, longbow,
two-handed spear-considered great weapon)

SPECIAL [611 points]
20 x Swordmasters of Hoeth-395 points
(full command, Amulet of Light, Banner of Sorcery)

Equites Cataphractarii
8 x Silver Helms-216 points
(full command & shields)

the army total is, up to now, 1305 points.
still to decide on core and more special choices.

in theory, the archmage should use Shield of Saphery to help the swordmasters survive, while the 3 nobles and 8 silver helms punch through the enemy.