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16-08-2011, 19:55
Hopefully this will be a simple question as my search-fu is weak.

Waywatchers shoot their bows at a big 'orrible monster at under half range. (At under half range waywatchers have Lethal Shot which gives killing blow.) They need sixes to wound as the big 'orrible monster has a high toughness. The sixes also give killing blow though not against this monster as it is, well....a monster.

So..... the wounds stand and must be saved using the monster's armour save.

Does the monster gets it's armour save or does the killing blow negate it despite not removing the model as it is a big 'orrible monster?

It makes sense (fluffwise) for the awesome shot to ignore armour but not kill the monster outright as it is too big. But rules are different to fluff....

What do you think?

16-08-2011, 20:10
The monster gets its armour save. Killing Blow is not effective against it, so you don't get any of the benefit.

16-08-2011, 20:12
Yeah, that's what I thought, shame. With the preponderance of high wounds, high toughness monsters in these parts I was hoping for a 'chink in the armour' if you like?

16-08-2011, 20:17
As KB doesn't affect monsters I would say all shots are counted as ordinary shots from the bow. I can see the argument for the armour save not being counted, but as the rule says "killing blow is only effective against infantry, cavalry and warbeasts..." and that seems to imply that the entire rule and all it's attached bonuses are suspended for troop types outside those three.

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