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Soul R3aper
17-08-2011, 00:32
Hello all,

I'm new to WoC and plan on creating a 1k list and then expanding from there. My main opponents will be DE's and WE's. So here's the list

Sorcerer Lvl 2, MoT, Staff of Sorcery, Conjoined Homunculus
195 pts

18 Chaos Warriors, MoK, musician, Standard, extra hand weapon
336 pts

40 Marauders Mok, GW's
230 pts

5 Chaos Warhounds

5 Chaos Warhounds

3 Chaos Ogres, MoK, GW's, Chaos Armor
180 pts

I chose Chaos Ogres instead of trolls at this point lvl because of not having a BSB.
No disc for sorcerer... not sure if thats gonna be a problem... planning on moving him in and out of marauders....
also didnt give the warriors halberds because I have them equipped with Ahw currently and dont own any halberds lol :-)
thanks for all the help

The Other
17-08-2011, 12:13
i would probably run with 5 knights instead of the ogres. Ogres are good but the 1+ armour save it probably better for small games as other than cannons and bolt throwers and lore of metal, there is not much to harm them . Also the difference between 7 and 8 leadership is something to take into account, you dont want a good unit running of the board (as mine normally seem to do :( )They are 20 points more for 5 but they will more than make up for it. Throw in a MoK and your looking at 16 str 5 attacks in the first round of combat, not nice!