View Full Version : Dissapearance of Death Guard Havocs (UK online store)

09-04-2006, 14:55
Inspired by the rather spanking new deamon prince I was inspired to gather a small force for the lord of decay. I set about my buisness on the GWUK online store building up a shopping list of what I would like in an army (a bit of everything - obviously) when I noticed a discrepancy; I distinctly remember the release of a lovely boxed set of Death Guard Havocs, quite monopose but oozing carachter (literally). But alas they are no longer avaliable in a boxed set, however their counterpart Troops boxed set is still avaliable :wtf:

Does anyone know why this could be.

++Apologies for the excessivly verbose post++

09-04-2006, 15:01
All the Legion specific boxed sets were splash releases and as they run out of stock they've gone mail order only so you have to order them separately. The individual havocs will still be there.

09-04-2006, 15:02
I think they'll return. exorcist was out of the uk store, and its back now.

09-04-2006, 15:07
Search for Death AND Guard AND Havoc and all the components pop up. Note the AND must be in capitals.

09-04-2006, 15:09
@t-tauri: they aren't anywhere to be seen, to find them, one would have to know of their existance as they are not in the archive or the Death Guard catalouge, the only way to find them is to enter a seach string with one of "Death Guard Havoc" in.

Im sorry I didn't make it clear in my initial post that I had found them, and I merely would have preferred a box to a shedload of component orders.

Brush your teeth
09-04-2006, 15:15
yeah, i had the same problem so i emailed the mail order trolls, they are definately only for bitz order now but i was given all the required codes in one group, if you cant fing all the bits, just ask and i can get you a complete list of codes