View Full Version : Deployment and Buildings

18-08-2011, 19:12
Can you Deploy a unit in a building?

18-08-2011, 20:36
Sure, if war machines can deploy in a building , I would hope that other units can as well.

Could be wrong though (about the other units , I know that war machines can).

18-08-2011, 20:54
Yes, you can deploy in buildings.

While there is no limitations in the letter of the rules, you might want to consider not allowing deployment in buildings not fully in your deployment zone, especially if your actual terrain-piece is of such a shape that you would get further into the table by leaving it turn 1 than you would have gotten by marching by outside of it, but it is merely a gaming etiquette issue...

18-08-2011, 22:39
We generally play you can deploy in buildings fully in your deployment zone, but not in ones that overhang.

19-08-2011, 14:44
We play similar but instead say that you use your first movement turn to "spread out" to areas outside teh deployment zone. Makes it a bit easier.

For us, war machines have to be places wholely within the deployment zone if the building straddles the line.