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19-08-2011, 20:04
Hey guys,

I was confident to win this game tonight, but I failed hopelessly. I played a 800pt game against Orcs&Goblins, see list below.

Chaos Sorcerer lvl 2, Mark of Nurgle, Deads head, Spell Familiar

Marauders (16x), Flails, Light Armor, Mark of Khorne

Marauder Horsemen (5x), Throwing Spears, Light Armour, Mark of Slaanesh, Muscian

Marauder Horsemen (5x), Throwing Spears, Light Armour, Mark of Slaanesh, Muscian

Warriors (12x), Mark of Nurgle, Shields, Full comand, banner of Wrath

Total 796 points

In the first round my marauder horsemen both attempted a flee move, one succeeded and the other due to bad luck didn't and was overrun.

Then in the second round my other maruader unit was charged in the flank and got killed by squig hoppers.

Last but not least, half of my marauder unit and my warrior unit got destroyed by his Mangler Squig. After that I forfeited the game since I couldn't possibly win with 4 warriors, 10 marauders and my sorcerer left.

I know I didn't post the whole battle log, but concluding from the above, have you got any suggestions what I might have done better? Maybe different army list? Or was it just bad luck?

19-08-2011, 20:12
Maybe try not throwing your fast units away the first opportunity you get? Take bigger units. At this points level you really can't afford those throw-away units like horsemen, but should invest in more durable infantry units.

About the list: sorc might want an enchanted shield and sword of might, which should leave enough points for the spell familiar. For a gift, stream of corruption and bloodcurdling roar are always good and against orcs the stream would be better. This makes your sorc better armoured than anybody on the field and almost as good offensively as his orc heroes, plus he's got a breath weapon and some spells..

Marauders don't really need that light armour, with those 16 points you could have taken 3 more marauders. Also, GW>flail.

Horsemen are fine equipment-wise, throwing axes have more strenght but also less range and more points cost, I just wouldn't take them in so small games.

Warrior unit should be a bit bigger (18), halberds&shields-combo is good, banners of rage and flame and leadership and ward save are good (rapturous standard is great as well), banner of bound spell isn't. Of course, with just one mage you might have spare dice for the banner, but for that points cost I wouldn't take it, ever.

20-08-2011, 09:25
I do have to admit, i was very very lucky with my mangler :)
...also that unfortunate roll on your fleeing horseman was a good start for me :P

The Other
21-08-2011, 12:09
To be honest IMO, i prefer tzeentch Sorcerers at low points. Easier casts and better spells, a lvl 2 sorcerer of Tzeentch will only need the minumum of 3 to cast Flickering fire!

Call of Glory could make a large difference too. Brining an exalted to the board could tip the battle.

Just my opinion, also id run a larger unit of marauders without light armour. Maybe ditch the horsemen too for a chariot.

23-08-2011, 08:33
In addition to what others have said, obviously try not to expose your flanks, not taking the **** it's hard to know from what you said how it happened but try to keep a front facing toward enemies in charge range or move other units to intercept.

Rather than horsemen which seem to have been used as throw away units try hounds 5 is only 30 points so even at this level not going to break the bank. They can intercept in the flank of units, provide cover from shooting for more important units and redirect charges toward flanks by placing them right in front of the enemy at an awkward angle such that they can't get past but would only be able to overrun or pursue away from your other units.

23-08-2011, 16:34
You don't have a lot of punch in your army. Buff up the marauders, drop a horse unit for the points to do so, or add to your warrior unit. I lean more towards adding to your warriors.

Horsemen are good, but you may want to evaluate how you use them. In an 800 point game you don't have many throw away troops, if any...

23-08-2011, 16:40
Every time I have tried writing small Chaos lists, I've come to the conclusion that Marks are mostly a luxury I can't afford. They may be almost compulsory in larger games, but under 1000 points you really need more numbers rather than small boosts.

Your list has (I think) 100 points exactly spent on Marks. With that you could double the size of your Marauder infantry unit for example.

23-08-2011, 18:33
Very good point.

24-08-2011, 10:08
Another useful tip - if you want tactical advice, post it in the tactics forum, rather than randomly sticking it in the battle reports section.

08-09-2011, 21:02
You seem to have abandoned this thread, but let me necromance it one more time to say that the Lore of Nurgle isn't all that good against Orcs so those points probably went to waste.
According to the unit descriptions you gave he wielded a goblin-heavy army. This makes Marauder Horsemen pretty obsolete in the way you used them - reconsider having these. Hounds are cheaper redirectors.
Did the Banner of Wrath do any good? I would be highly surprised if it did. Those points are far better in spending somewhere else.

Concerning your Marauders, it WAS bad luck that you a) didn't get to have first turn and b) got run down, since that means your opponent pursued a whopping 12" more than you did.
Next time, consider charging his mangler squig with your Marauders, Hounds or even a Chaos Spawn. If you charge it, it dies anmd while you would surely lose your unit at least your Warrior unit remained intact.
EDIT: blimey, that thing is cheap. Still Hounds cost 30 points, you have barely got any cheaper units in the game.

That's all I can think of in 1 minute.

16-09-2011, 17:54
Personally,id take a level 1 mage with Tzeench.1 big unit of maurarders,5 dogs and maybe 1 or 2 chaos warriors units.really trim the fat.also, I'd bus the maurarders.bloody Orks...

17-09-2011, 09:15
Always have one small unit (I believe dogs would be the best) to get fanatics. O&G is one of the most powerfull armies when you play small points battle.

17-09-2011, 09:41
If you want to win:
Convince your mate to play 820 point matches instead, and bring a Hellcannon, it's very hard to beat (in CC) - bar using the mangler - at such a low point game, and the hellfire shooting does wonders. One direct hit on a unit in a game like this will most likely render it combat unaffective. Remember it has like 5 str 5 attacks + thunderstomp. It's also like t5 and has a 4+ armor save.

Keep in mind though that if it blows itself up, you're in for a hard game.

Also: Get warhounds. You can get a unit of 5 for like 30 points, two of these units should be able to stop a mangler, just run onto it and it will have to suicide.

If you want to be mean, bring Throgg instead of the sorcerer, and place him in a marauder unit (maybe mark of tzeentch with hand weapon and shield). He is really hard to take down (4 wounds, regen, t5), and his breath attack will allow him to do like 3D6 automatic str 5 hits in one round of combat. Take a big block of marauders so you cancel out most enemy units being steadfast, and let Throgg do his thing, the ++5 save on your marauders should stop the orcs getting quick combat ress, and Throgg will most likely kill 10+ models. If you're steadfast, this will pretty much guarantee you break the opponent on the first round of combat.

One thing to keep in mind though is that if your opponent has doom divers, or rock lobbers, Throgg wont get look out sir.

In small games, dont throw magic items and banners around. Pick what you really need. For instance full command and banner of wrath costs quiet alot of points.
If you want a sorcerer, just give him an enchanted shield, and drop the mark. The Rulebook spells are good enough ;)