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19-08-2011, 20:19
Core 901
76 Night Goblins w/ 2 Fanatics, Netters, Full command, Shield, Spears
60 Night Goblins w/ 2 Fanatics, Netters, SB, Musician, Hw, Shield
60 Night Goblins w/ 2 Fanatics, SB, Musician, Bows

Special 650
Goblin Wolf Chariot
Goblin Wolf Chariot
Squig Herd w/ 30 squigs 10 Handlers
6 Trolls
Spear Chucka
Spear Chucka

Rare 455
Rock Lobber
Doom Diver

Lords 343
Warboss w/ Basha's Axe of Stunty Smashin, Armour of Destiny, Shield
Night Goblin Great Shaman w/ Talisman of Preservation, Dispel Scroll

Hero 151
Big Boss w/ BSB, GW, Light Armour, Spider Banner

Any thoughts would be nice this is working under what I feel is an unfair very strict set of comp rules which I will post under this.
1.Number of points spent on characters, including all equipment, mounts, magic items, abilities, spites, gifts, vampiric powers, virtues, etc.
a.1-300 (5)
b.301-500 (3)
c.501-700 (1)
d.701+ (0)
2.Total number of Characters:
a.1-2 (5)
b.3 (3)
c.4 (1)
d.5+ (0)
3.Does the list contain more than 3 war machines (not including anything characters can join, ie: cauldron, anvil, casket, etc…)
a.Yes (0)
b.No (5)
4.What were total points in core?
a.1500+ (5)
b.1101-1499 (3)
c.801-1100 (1)
d.625-800 (0)
5.Does the list include any duplicate rare or triplicate special choices?
a.Yes (0)
b.No (5)
6.Does the list contain more than one unit with the Thunderstomp ability?
a.Yes (0)
b.No (5)

I should be able to net 22 of the 30 possible points which I feel is very good considering.

20-08-2011, 21:21
do you know what the game rules will be?

i would make the 76 60 60 into two 100 ng blocks with fc, netters, and 3 fanatics.

it is a good idea to have a 20 night gobo bunker with standard, to bump up your # of standards and hide your bsb and general for a blood and glory type game, or to shove into the tower for that style game.

21-08-2011, 05:26
The comp rules would definitely help to give advice. Are you able to take normal goblins?

22-08-2011, 03:22
The comp system is that check list I posted right below my army list.

22-08-2011, 03:30
how many points minimum and such with the checklist?