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20-08-2011, 01:52

First off sorry for the english. Not my primary language.

I've been thinking for some time now, about starting my own painting service. Nothing too fancy, no big painting studio. Just offering my "skills" for commisions, and an occasional mini on Ebay. Howewer my problem is that I seem to never be able to finish a mini. I always have a whole pile of diffrent projects, and I can't ever finish one, before taking on a next wip. I thought I would start this thread, in order to gain some tips, critique and experience, as well as work on my lack of modelers work ethic, and learn to complete my projects. ;)

Here's the first mini in quite some time, that I've managed to finish. The GW Vampire Counts Cairn Wraith. Great sculpt, simple but effective.
First lesson learned: mini photography. I suck at it. Also I need to buy some of those daylight bulbs, as the one i've used, gave such a strong yellow light, that I had to take some of the photos with flash instead. And that's something You dont want to do apparently. Well next time will be better.
Comments are welcome.

Thats it for now. Ill post some wip photos later.

Let me end with shamelessly advertising that the Wraith is now On Sale (http://www.ebay.com/itm/150650720297?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649).


20-08-2011, 20:12
That Wraith is absolutely sick! There is nothing I can criticise. In fact, the ghostly robe thing is very inspirational!

I am sure that, with this quality, your paint service will do well. And don't worry about the "can't finish anything" deal. If you paint something for someone else it usually pushes you to finish. At least, that's what happens for me.

21-08-2011, 01:20
agree with Daniel here - very smooth blending for the robe. Props to you for that!

21-08-2011, 10:48
damn another person i now have to try and become better than in painting

good work

21-08-2011, 12:31
It's not your fault. He is from Poland. They are the world's best painters, for some reason. Do enlighten us, Procrastinator, why are Polish folk so bloody good at painting?

21-08-2011, 18:06
Amazing is all I can say about that wraith. Defiantly looking forward to seeing more of your work. One Love

21-08-2011, 22:05
Lovely work, looking forwards to seeing some of your other bits. And hopefully picking up a few tips and ideas ;)

22-08-2011, 00:27
Thanks for all the kind words.

They are the world's best painters, for some reason. Do enlighten us, Procrastinator, why are Polish folk so bloody good at painting?
Warhammer fantasy was always popular among Poland geek population, and there is a strong tradition of art appreciation in our country, so the modeling side of the hobby was always one of the biggest attraction points, for hobbysts here. Though I am a bit suprised myself about the number of quality painters from Poland, that popped up recently. We always had some strong names like Bohun, Ana or Artur, painters that are among some of the highest rated on CMON, but it was only recently(in the last year or so), that a whole abundance of polish painters blogs, popped up on the net. Don't really know the reasons behind it. Maybe they smelled easy money, in painting services.:D

Though I would never say, that we are the best in the world. Its an interesing subject really. Personally I believe that the French, are the ones holding the highest contributions to this hobby. The uber-painting level that You can see today, on highest-rated CMON entries, and GD Slayer Sword winners, look the way they do becouse of the French. They revolutionised the way people paint in many ways. Altough You dont see them rocking so much in recent years, the way they used to, some years back. When it comes to recent trends, I believe the Spaniards are doing most of the best work, in the last year or two. Them and Italians. And after that maybe Poles. Thats the way I see it at least. It all comes down to personal taste in the end.

Small update with some more wips.
Space Hulk Genestealer. Its still a heavy work in progress. You can see that I am painting in segments. Finishing highlighting, and shading one limb/armour section, before moving on another. Thats why, whole parts of the figure are still unfinished, or untouched. The photos are once again made using flash, sorry for that. I am gonna look for some daylight bulbs tommorow.


This stealer will be part of a group of display Space Hulk Genestealers, painted in different colour schemes, that I plan to make. The one above is painted in "classic" scheme, which is basically my variation on the 'Eavy Metal classic purple/blue color scheme, shown on GW display figures and old SH artwork. I am gonna paint two of those. Then its onto "Adrian Smith Stealers". These will be 2-3 stealers painted in the black carapace/red flesh scheme, that You can see on the Space Hulk cover artwork by Adrian Smith. Also one of them will be painted in a variation of that scheme, with the flesh painted with white accents, as seen on the Smith cover of the 3rd edition Tyranid Codex(still my favourite Tyranid artwork). After that its onto the "Giger Stealers". Two or three Stealers painted to resemble the original king of the Xenomorphs. A Gigerian bluish/brownish/metalic alien. And finally I am gonna finish the group with two Stealers painted in my take on the Hive Fleet Leviathan scheme. But its all just plans, for now. I still have to complete this guy first.

22-08-2011, 00:33
Yet another wip. Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors:

Still a lot to paint, before these guys are finished, not the mention the rest of the squad. The sculpts are great, one of the best looking plastic squads out there, and the minis are a joy to paint. However its taking a lot longer to finish these guys, than I tought. Quite a lot of diffrent materials, and multiple highlights on all those armour segments. Their red shoulder pads, are gonna get some wash, and glaze treatment, to make them less-pink, more gore-red, and visually tie them with the purple of the armour. I am not sure about the flayed loin-cloths. On their own, they look really good I think, better then the photos show, becouse the flash kinda ruind the highlights. However I think they dont fit the color composition of the models. They turned out too bright and warm. I forgot that they were suppose to represent dead, flayed flesh, and I painted them the way I do normal skin. I am gonna have to weather, and darken them somehow. Perhaps some heavy glazing? With grays, and greens? Suggestions, are welcome.

Post any questions, comments or critique.

22-08-2011, 10:47
That is one superb model. The whole model just looks superb with great aging on the weapon and a very eerie look to the model. I cant wait to see what else you come out with!

22-08-2011, 21:16
This time a bit of fantasy. Again, all heavy work in progress, with whole segments of the minis unfinished, or untouched.

Start of a Swordmasters regiment:

Currently on hold, as I am out of Mithril Silver. I am happy with the way, transitions from blue shadows, to pure MS came out on the helmet, Shoulder Pads, and vambraces. The face also turned out nice, for a single rank-and-file, regiment figure. Not happy with the reflections on the sword. Gotta repaint that later, and aim for smoother transitions. The gold parts are to be repainted as well. I was using a very, very old GW gold paint pot, with the pigment inside separated form the binder. I tried to paint with it, and it resulted in a really ugly, grainy texture(cant see it on the pics). Plus I used to much inks, and shadows making the gold look more like brass. Other than that its all wip. Almost everything below his waist is yet to be properly painted. Many of the upper body parts, are also lacking definition(gauntlets and fingers have no shadows, for example).

Start of a Skaven Warriors regiment:

Happy with the subtle fur effect, I managed to get on little bugger arms. Though the red armour needs some stronger highlights I think. Also gotta start thinking about batch-painting these guys, if i am to ever finish a 20 man regiment.

Okey, no more new wips. Now I have to work on finishing, what I've allready shown. Back to those genestealers I guess...

As always any comments, criticism and questions are welcome.

23-08-2011, 01:09
good work looking forward to seeing your genestealers all lined up

23-08-2011, 04:11
holy guacamole! The Dark Eldar are superb.

Ah... so you are a Pole... then you have no excuse for lousy paintjobs! :D

More please!

23-08-2011, 09:31
Arghh apparently in the time it took me to post a reply, you posted loads of pics. :S

Superb work though with some really gorgeous looking models. Looking forward to the progress on them all, especially the skaven :)

23-08-2011, 18:40
Awesome painting on the wraith.


26-08-2011, 19:07
dude i love your stuff really like the swordmasters armour

19-09-2011, 07:59

Sorry for the lack of updates. Got buried in work. This was supposed to be a slow progress thread, but there are limits. Though I did managed to do some painting in this time too.

I've managed to finish this Chaos Champion in several days. Found the 6th edition Chaos hero miniature, forgotten in my bits box. Dusted it off, cleaned it, slapped on a new plastic head, and strapped a shield to his back.


I was aiming for a toned-down, oldschool, 'Eavy Metal style with this guy. Unfortunately my photos still suck. They guy looks a bit better in person. Diffrent for sure. I've tried tinkering a bit with the color balance, in a photo editing program, but the final result is still noticably off from the figure in hand. I guess I will have to invest in, a better photo setup. Or maybe ask one of the many hipster, pseudo-photographers that are strolling around college grounds in such vast numbers, if any of them has any experience in shooting static, miniature models.;)

The photos were taken before any varnish was applied(other than a bit of gloss, on the blood stains). However I've just bought my first ever can of "Purity Seal", and plan to give the mini a protective coat tommorow. Though to be honest, I am dreading doing that, since that will be the first time, Ill be using a spray on, matt varnish, and I've heard some horror stories allready man. I am gonna shake the shi%^ out of that can, before each pass, and try to keep the coats light, however there is always risk, that tommorow the model will end up "winter themed".

I still want to do a small, wooden display stand for the model. Perhaps with a sculpted star of the pantheon? However I couldn't find anything in my house, that would fit for a stand. Gotta look for a carpenter nearby, and ask for scraps.

Edit: I've also updated the photos of the Wraith, in the first post, since the original photos got deleted.

19-09-2011, 08:06
I've also managed to finish, that first "classic" Genestealer. Overall I am happy with the way he turned out, but there are some areas that feel a bit rushed. Especially the base and the claws. Well, gotta pay more attention to it next time. A second "classic" Stealer is in the work.


19-09-2011, 08:12
And some more pics of the Genestealer. This time with flash.


Btw: who can tell me, what little detail was forgotten by the sculptor, in this particular Genestealer sculpt? There are internet cookies to win.;)

19-09-2011, 10:06
Missing? Second right arm?

Love the Wraith and the Dark Eldar especially. Kudos. :)

19-09-2011, 11:12
If I ever get to paint a wraith or other such model, this is the log to go to for inspiration... Looking at the wraith once more, I am in absolute awe.

Farseer Emrys
21-09-2011, 14:19
I'm in compleate awe! Damm................. nice!

28-09-2011, 00:06
Thanks everyone.

Missing? Second right arm?
Yeah. Its not unusual for models, to hide some details in the casting dead-zone, but the way this sculpt is positioned, it seems like the sculptor simply forgot about the limb.

I've been recently tidying up my workspace, and found out that I have enough loose, plastic Space Marine bits, to make about 6 battle-brothers. So I decided to make a small Ultramarines Combat Squad. I allready ordered some additional plastic and resin bitz, to add some extra bling to them.

Here is an Ultramarine test model:

It was a quick, rough paint-job, to test some of the techniques to use on the proper squad. I used it to try out several diffrent mixes of blue paint, until I got just the right kind of Ultramarines cobalt that I like. I also experimented with diffrent textures. Normally you give the model a coat of matte varnish, to unify the look of the figure. Here however, right after I finished highlighting and shading, I applied a coat of semi-gloss varnish to power armour alone, and given the rest of the figure a matte finish. After that I started the weathering. It was supposed to create a diffrence in textures. A contrast between the dry, matte, dusty weathering in the recesses, and the slightly glossy look of the polished ceramite, showing through.

The results were mixed. The diffrence in texture is indeed noticable. It doesn't clearly show it, in the pictures, but its well visable when holding the mini in hand, and moving it around in light. Also the overall look of the figure is more toned, and realistic. There were some drawbacks however. In the beggining I was very happy, with the mix of blue, the model was basecoated with, but the application of the semi-gloss coat, has darkened it considerably. Normally gloss varnishes, intensify the contrast of the colors, in a usualy pleasing way. Here however it made the basecoat darker, and the highlights less defined. As this was a fast, test paint-job, I didin't bother with smooth highlighting, or precise weathering, but at the end, I've applied a series of very fine, small scratches to the armour. Now they are almost invisible. Perhaps the varnish got spoiled, by the air conditions.

To improve this method next time, I would have to:
-add more enchanted blue to the mix, and make the highlights more defined, to compensate for the glosse coat. Perhaps use a white undercoat, instead of black
-gloss the figure after highlights, but before applying the shadows, and all the scratches. It would add to the realism, by preventing the reflective glare to show up in shadowed areas, and dented/scratched battle-damadge.

This method can give nice results, but it needs a lot of work, and I am not sure I want to do that for the whole squad. I think I am gonna stick with the more traditional, Eavy-Metal type of painting. It might be less realistic, but its more defined, eye-catching, and requiring less work. I wont be repainting the test figure. Its gonna be a gift to my little brother, for donating all his Space Marine kits to me, right after he decided he wasn't interested in miniwargaming after all....a week after he bought them. Kids.

28-09-2011, 19:17
Some first, rough, blu-tack mock-ups of the proper squad members, to figure out the poses.

Brother Ortan:

I've slightly converted the arms, to make an aiming pose. I also made a green-stuff recast of the Marneus Calgar Ultramarine badge, and applied it as a shoulder pad symbol.

28-09-2011, 19:25
Brother Cator:

I wanted a dynamic tactical marine pose. I used the assault marine legs, and slightly tweaked the position of the arms, to convey movement. I didn't make a chapter symbol for his shoulder pad, as I plan to try to paint some freehand design there. The little trinket hanging from his belt is from the Grey Knights kit.

11-02-2012, 10:43
Flooded by work in recent months. No time to paint. I did however manage to finish a squad of Necron Immortals:

I wanted to give them that Heavy Metal, dark cast iron look. The scratches on the metal are not a representation of wear and tear of the actual armor - since Necrons "magic alloys" are probably immune to such nuisances - rather its meant to represent scratches on the dust and patina of age, that covers their metal skins. I did however paint some heavy weathering on the blue and gold decorative elements, since those were probably standard ceramics. Unfortunately it's not very visable in the photos becouse of the refective glare. I've covered the blue areas in semi-gloss varnish, perhaps I should change it to matt.

If You like em, please vote in my new CMON galery:

12-02-2012, 01:08
I'm amazed by your painting. Especially the genestealer, I absolutely love it!
The only one I am not quite in love with is your space marine who looks a bit rougher but I think that is deliberate anyway!

I am subscribed and must give you 5 blobs!

12-02-2012, 01:59
Those immortals are da bomb!

25-02-2012, 00:23
Here's what I bought a few days ago:

Wow, GW plastic kits really have gone a long way. Its the most complex wargames model I've tackled, so far. This is probably going to take forever to finish. Anyway, first wip shots:

The necromancer

Underside of the main carriage wip

I'll try to post an update every one or two days. The sooner its finished, the better.

Oh, and by the way. The Immortals are now on sale :)

Bingo the Fun Monkey
25-02-2012, 12:41
Wow, dude. This is quite a plog! Love the wraith and the skaven. Not crazy about marines but the quality is really good. Can't wait to see the Mortis Engine completed.

26-02-2012, 23:50
Small update.

Top part of the carriage:

I think I may re-drybrush the flagstones later, since the black wash has toned down the highlights, and drained them of most colour.

Next up: The hellish bone.

Caiphas Cain
27-02-2012, 04:44
Damn I wish I was Polish. ;)

I'm really not too fond of that kit, but that necromancer is just brilliant. You're very good at blending a color to black. Great work!

What colors did you use on the necromancers staff? It looks great!

27-02-2012, 09:38
What colors did you use on the necromancers staff? It looks great!

Basecoat of Scorched Brown. Highlighted by adding more and more Snakebite Leather to the brown, and finished with pure SL and a little bit of Bleached Bone. When highlighting was done, I flooded the whole staff with a mix of Badab Black and Develan Mud washes.

When highlighting the staff, its not necessary to worry about smooth blending, since the highlights are meant to represent scratches and wear that occur on the edges of the wood, and those are pretty rough. Also the final washes help to blend it all togheter.

27-02-2012, 11:15
Very nice flag stones, not sure it needs much more of the highlights you mentioned. It looks very realistic as it is (ofc, I haven't seen it prior to the wash).

How did you do the fine pattern of the robe for the Necromancer?

Little Joe
28-02-2012, 05:27
Holy crap, I like the (vampire) style a lot! Dark yet bright, very nice. The other miniatures show you sure have the skills as well, such attention to details.

28-02-2012, 15:43
That is looking really solid so far. Can't wait to see it put together.

Abraham Danglebreech
29-02-2012, 19:35
Everything in this log is so intense. I have a mental picture of this chap bent over with brush in hand and the mini about 3cms away from his face, spending as much time on plain bit of armour as he does on a face. Remarkable stuff. As for that "rushed" Space Marine... are you kidding? That's one of the nicest Marines I've seen. Very impressive. Looking forward to seeing the VC thingie finished. A lovely looking model.

02-03-2012, 00:35
How did you do the fine pattern of the robe for the Necromancer?
You mean the imitation of fabric and worn cloth? Very quick strokes, with dilluted paint, and super fine detail brush. The key to get those small, fine lines is to paint them in very quick, succesive,instinctive motions. Don't try to "aim" and draw the line with the brush, just apply quick , jerky brushstrokes. You just have to hold Your hand in a proper distance from the surface of the model, so that only the very tip of the brush will touch it. Performing such quick and decisive motions with the brush means that it will connect with the surface with much force, so its important to get the distance right. Otherwise the effect will be opposite to what You wanted. I hope I am making sense;). When highlighting the robes with this method i simply painted a set of horizontal stripes on the raised edges of the model, and then applied shorter, and shorter stripes with each succesive highlight stage.

Another small update. Work in progress on the hell-formed bone. Its still far from finished. The highlights are too bright and contrasting and I haven't shadowed it yet, so the whole thing is gonna be flooded with several black glazes before the end. The bone elements are definitely the worst parts of the painting procces. Highlighting and blending all the soft shapes, and bone edges is a pain in the ass. And there are still more of those to do.


Lord Azoth
02-03-2012, 08:49
really nice painting, applying different textures...looks wonderful!

03-03-2012, 23:00
wow, the painting on the hell-formed bone is superb!

06-03-2012, 21:11
The purples on your Necromancers robe are just beautiful. I'm really looking forward to seeing the whole model together!

09-07-2012, 02:19
A little something I am working on right now. It's about 85% finished. Tommorow I should have the pics of an almost complete model.


Solun Decius
09-07-2012, 17:08
That's amazing man! Such gory detail.
This is a great log and your painting style is so vivid and ethereal. I'm subscribed to this, no matter how rarely you may update it :D

19-07-2012, 16:24
Almost ready...


Karak Norn Clansman
19-07-2012, 16:35
Grotesque, but well painted. :)

101st Vostroyan
19-07-2012, 18:04
That is such a beautiful tervigon... I couldnt stop staring at it.

Your painting is superb. I cant wait for more updates.

20-07-2012, 01:00
Horrific and lovely, excellent work :D

20-07-2012, 01:13
Finally done. The sculpt was a joy to paint and the organic nature of the beast, meant that I could paint more freely and spontaneously, without worrying too much about neatness or perfect brush strokes.


If You like it, please leave a vote on my CoolMiniOrNot profile:


Solun Decius
23-07-2012, 17:27
This is so crazy man!
Excellent detail and style on the gaunt birth pouch.
There's such great stuff on your CMON profile. Too bad we'll now have to start waiting on this rarely updated thread ;)

29-07-2012, 10:47
That Tervigon is excellent! Really gory and organic -love it!

29-07-2012, 11:18
That tervigon is amazing!! How did you do all the stringy gooey bits?

30-07-2012, 23:16
ummm... apparently i have to say.. bump


Looks stunning


My name is Daniel and I am a wargamer

03-10-2012, 14:34
That tervigon is amazing!! How did you do all the stringy gooey bits?

Hey, sorry for the late reply. I haven't visited the thread for a while. It was made using glue. Cheap, clear universal glue. You don't need any fancy brand, in fact the cheaper the better. Find a clear, liquid, office glue that's very sticky and leaves those annyoing, stringy spiderwebs any time You touch it. Then simply apply it to any part of the mini, and then "string" it to another. Most such glues can be easlily mixed with paints, however the particular brand that I bought, didn't mix well with other liquids(it turned rubbery), so instead I just glazed the glue after it dried, with bloody mix(blood red with some black and brown to darken it). Finally add several liberal coats of gloss varnish. You can also mix the glue with a bit of varnish, it will fill it with bubbles and give it, a milky appearence and color, but You will have to work fast with it, before it turns rubbery. Check these video tutorials, for more insight:

THIS IS NOT MINE. The Hellbrute was painted by my brother. The git is too lazy to create his own account and plog, so he asked me to advertise his work. You know what, screw him. I am taking all the credit. Let's say its mine. ;)
It's for sale if You're interested: http://www.ebay.com/itm/150916060361?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649


and a few flash photos, to show off the gloss, of the fleshy parts.

If You liked it, please leave a vote in the git's gallery:

As for me, frentic atmosphere at work and lack of time prevented me from painting anything lately. But I allready have a few interesting projects in mind. First though, I would like to finish some of the older ones. Like the Dark Eldar Warriors squad, which wip I posted a few pages back. Also, I'll be adding to ForgeWorld's increasingly growing pile of money, so expect something pre-heresy from me in the future. Something bigger this time. Perhaps even merting a separate plog on its own.

03-10-2012, 14:38
And two more with flash.


Solun Decius
03-10-2012, 14:47
The Helbrute is amazing man! Very strong colors, it jumps right out.
You brothers are really into the whole added gore thing, huh?

03-10-2012, 14:49
Yeah, we learned a new trick (well, I did ;) ) and now we are gonna run it, until it gets old.

05-10-2012, 11:04
Dude.... This is sick!!
I am not a fan of Tyranids, nor am I currently interested in playing 40K, but if I knew you would be bringing these to the table, I would dig up my Imperial Guard and build an army list, because there will be no greater joy than to be slaughtered by such an insanely awesome model.

08-10-2012, 04:36
Both of those models are amazingly creepy:)

10-10-2012, 00:29
That is one nice Hellbrute and the nid looks like it just climbed out of a pool of blood.