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Andy p
20-08-2011, 18:19
Ok so this may be a known issue, but recently a discussion came up in a game about volley fire, the rule on page 78 of the BRB, (if you have the big one like me not the small version).

Now as I understand the rule, it allows me to use more than just the first two ranks and rounds up the 3rd and all subsequent ranks allowing me to shoot with every rank in the unit, but of course not every person in every rank.

Now here is where it gets fuzzy, the rules state that this also allows me to use the line of sight and front arc of the first rank models.

The problem is that it doesnt say anything about allowing them to use their range....except in the little italic paragraph directly beneath the rule heading:

Even warriors who cannot see the foe can contribute to the attack by following suit to their friends.

Unfortunately I had missed this at the time and my opponent was adamant that I needed all of the ranks to have line of sight to shoot with the extra ones, citing the normal shooting rules about needing line of sight from the shooting section.

I didnt press the point and conceded that the 5 seekers I killed were indeed still alive then.

However to me it is clear that it is meant to allow all the ranks to fire as long as the first rank can see a target.

Is this a classic case of RAW vs RAI? :eek:

20-08-2011, 18:39
The normal shooting rules still apply except;

"Models in rear ranks can use the line of sight and front arc of the first rank model directly to their front for the purposes of Volley Fire"

So in answer to what I think your question was;

Your opponent was incorrect about them needing LOS (meaning the back ranks).
You are incorrect, range still applies.

20-08-2011, 19:01
If you want to find it in the BRB, it is on page 39 under WE CAN'T ALL FIRE!:

"Sometimes, some models in the shooting unit will be out of range. In these situations, you're free to continue with the shot, but only the models permitted to shoot the target (and that have it within their weapon's range) will fire."

So they are permitted to shoot via the volley fire rule, but they still have to have the target within their weapon's range.

Andy p
20-08-2011, 20:34
That's fine then :D.

Im happy to admit im wrong, as I did during this game. Thanks people.

21-08-2011, 09:58
There is also the issue of which models in the back ranks get to shoot in a volley fire. The rules state that half the models in each rank gets to shoot also. This was later adressed in a FAQ: 20 archers in a 5-model-wide formation gets to shoot with 5 extra models (half the total models in ranks 3-4), not 6 (the sum of the individual rounded-up half ranks, 5/2=3 per rank)

I can only assume that they realized that out-of-the-book it would allow for 1-model-wide units to shoot with all models in the unit.

But do you count all the models in the back ranks?

Presumably, you would only count the models behind models that can actually shoot at the enemy. If only one model in the front rank of your 10x10 unit of archers can see the enemy then I suppose only 6 models get to shoot: 2 from the normal first two ranks and half of the remaining 8 models in the rear ranks of that file.

The floor is also open to debate as to which actual models shoot since this becomes an issue when working out range. The rules for shooting in ranks allows the back ranks to use the forward arc and line of sight of the model in front of them, but this does not extend to range.