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20-08-2011, 18:59
This Thursday it will be time for my friend and I to beat each other senseless on the Warhammer battlefield and revel in our inability to toss a decent dice roll between us. This time I am tempted to do something a little different.

I might want to take a monster although what and with who is still up for debate. I haven't used a monster in anger since...... 5e I think. Come to think of it that was the last time I used a Steam Tank too. How about a Dragon and 2 Steam Tanks..... nope too much.

I am ging to resist the Arch Lector on funbus even though I haven't taken my scratch built one out for a spin yet.

Another option is to go OTT and max out on infantry hordes and characters but no magic items.

Anyway I shall abandon my usual conservative and slightly fluff based approach and let you know how it goes. Have a great weekend!

25-08-2011, 07:52
Another option is to go OTT and max out on infantry hordes and characters but no magic items.

Be careful there - Orc hordes trump humans in combat!

25-08-2011, 08:42
Right game today, I'll try and get a battle report up by the weekend.

I have

General on Griffon + Armour of Meteoric Iron, Holy Relic, Sword of Swift Slaying
Battle Standard Bearer + Talisman of Preservation, Full Plate Armour
Warrior Priest + Shield, Barded Warhorse, Great Weapon, Gambler's Armour, Van Horstman's
Level 2 Life Wizard, Dispell Scroll, Trickster's shards
Level 2 Shadow Wizard, Dispell Scroll, Rong of Volans (Fire)

38 Halberdiers, shields, full command
Detach: 15 Swordsmen, 10 Handgunners

40 Spearmen, shields, full command
Detach: 15 Swordsmen, 10 Handgunners

14 Knights, full command, War Banner

2 Mortars
1 Cannon
1 Helblaster

30 Greatswords, full command

5 Pistolliers + Champion with Repeater hand pistol.

Should be 2997pts

25-08-2011, 15:29
Another great game. A close win for the Empire, won more by luck (i.e. having less of the bad stuff) than my opponent.

25-08-2011, 23:02
So we rolled for meeting engagement. The table was 6'x4', and we rolled for 8 pieces of terrain. Unfortunately we didn't have enough scenery to do all the random rolls, so we ended up with a tower, an Elven waystone and a mysterious forest. We then placed 2 woods and 2 hills.

My opponent had 2 lvl 2 wizards, one orc and one goblin, and a level 1 night goblin shaman. He also had a Warboss on a Wyvern, a Black Orc general, 2 Orc bosses, one on a shaman and a BSB. He had 3 trolls, 1 giant, 1 stone thrower, 1 doomdiver, 7 Boarboyz, 25 Big Uns with spears, 30 Orcs, 30 Black Orcs, 18 Orc Archers and 25 Night Goblin archers. The only reserve units were the boarboyz and the doomdiver

First turn, he moved his orc boys and black orcs up, with the trolls screening the blorcs. On the other flank his boarboyz and doomdiver came on. In the magic phase he got of a brainbursta on one of my wizards, as well as Gork will fix it on a detachment of handgunners and killed on Halberdier with archers. And that was all. In my turn I got of my Flaming cage from my Ring of Volans.... taking one wound of his Warboss on wyvern, followed by the Gorked Handgunners who also took a wound off the warboss. Then all three of my warmachine's misfired, with a mortar bowing up. All my pistolliers and other handgunners missed. So turn one, bit rubbish all round tbh.

But one thing had started to shape up. In 6 years I have killed a giant once. In every other game if my opponent has taken a giant, not only have I got caned but the Giant has eaten my general, or squished him. Now with all the moves it was apparent that I was going to have to charge the Giant with my General in order to stop him destroying my defensive line. Bugger.

28-08-2011, 18:25
Good to hear you managed to keep the Empire safe!

29-08-2011, 15:36
I'm not finished yet, sorry its been a hectic weekend. I'll try and get this finished over the next 2 days.

31-08-2011, 09:39
Hi mate,
Congratulations on the win, but I'm afraid your list was slightly illegal. You can't take duplicate magic items anymore this edition, so you'd have to drop a Dispell Scroll. Going on what you wrote down, I don't think it would have been game changing though. Congrats again!

31-08-2011, 10:12
I don't think it would have been game changing though. Funny you should mention that..

Turn two saw the Greenskins charge my Greatswords with his Warboss on Wyvern, and a little more jockeying for the charge next turn. His magic phase he managed to get of Foot of Gork on IF, destroying my warrior priest and 4 Knights, before misfiring at my Helblaster and ending up taking out a troll. The his shaman blew up and wiped out half his Big @Uns squad. His Warboss and flappy thing one against the Greatswords (I don't know why he didn't challenge my wizard but hey ho).

In my turn I shot the Giant with my Helblaster, charged the Boar chariot with my remaining knights, moved up my Halberdiers on the left to tempt the charge from the boarboyz and moved the Pistolliers closer for taking pot shots at the archers on the hill who still had their flank to me. My wizard in the Greatswords decided to cast Occams Razor ...... and IF'd. I took out half the Greatswords, 2/5's of a nearby Handgunner detachment, one wound of the Wyvern and Boss and finally the wizard got himself all turned inside out (see, I never got to use the scroll anyway ;)). Both my opponent and I had one IF cast all game, both rolled 3 on the miscast table, both initially caused more damage to ourselves than our opponents!

Warmachines were again mostly useless, taking a rank off the Night Goblins and taking a couple more Big Uns off. In combat the Knights overran the Boar Chariot into the Big Uns, the Greatswords killed the Wyvern and broke the Warboss but didn't run him down. Still they were now looking at a unit of 30 Boyz ahead of them, and they were down to 12 models. Despite the slightly better round, it was still even stevens, with me ahead in units but my mate ahead in field position.

Anyway turn three was next, and it was a little controversial.