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21-08-2011, 05:20
So I'm a new lizzy general and I've been researching, rummaging through forums and asking advice from other lizardmen generals. All with different povs on how to run Saurus blocks.

***Note: Where I play 50% of the unit lost (exp. losing 12/24 Saurus) gives you 50% of the points they are worth.***

I've heard to run them horde of 40-50 to deny points easier. Mostly 40 HW/S and 50ish for spears, but equipment will be a different thread. Let's just assume HW/S. Arguments also that running them horde of 40+ gives them more damaging attacks to whatever decides to fight them. As well as makes them harder to flank since having 2 squads of horded Saurus takes a good portion of the board up and with proper positioning around impassable terrain and the board edges, as well as maneuvering of your flank protection units you won't get flanked.

On the other hand I've read countless times to run them 6 wide. Having 24 in a unit is the "golden #" I keep hearing over and over and over across all the lizzy forums I follow. Some say to bump it up to 30 but still remain 6 wide, mostly for buffering from shooting. These smaller wide units are of course more maneuverable now and also cost less points.

Now the question that's been bugging me as I try to figure out the best way to run my Saurus Warriors and build their movement trays as well...what do you think is the best way to run them? 6x4? 6x5? 10x4? 10x5?

Please include any explanations and reasoning as to why you chose your formation. Take into account that where I play you don't need to take a unit down to 0 to earn any points at all.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from experienced liz generals!

21-08-2011, 09:13
Problem with a 'horde' is, that they're pretty hard to manouver, and this positioning them around impassable terrain is quite a gamble. Also, if you roll of for the terrain, an even bigger gamble. This could also turn against you.

A horde of saurus CAN be devestating, saying 10*4 with HW and shield, gives you 40 attacks at S4 (WS3).

Personally, I have no idea, maybe tell us how many points you're talking about (how many points are you playing).

Also depends if you've got the rest of your army build around it.

vinny t
21-08-2011, 13:32
I've both used 2 units of 30 with a unit of 16 TG, and 1 unit of 40 with a unit of 30 TG. In my experience the units of 30 tend to not really die but don't have much offensive output, whereas the unit of 40 (backed up with light magic) is pretty killer.

21-08-2011, 14:09
List will roughly be:
Life Slann
2x Ancient Stegs
2x10 Chamo Skinks
1x Skirmisher Skink
2x1 Salamanders
20-30x Temple Guard

Going for around 2500 pts.

Gork or Possibly Mork
21-08-2011, 14:22
I run mine 6x5 HW & Shield or 40 with spears in a horde.

If you you worried about movement trays get some of those magnetic flush movement trays for 2 ranks of 5 then just keep adding. If you don't know what im talking about lookup Shawn from blue table painting on youtube.

Makes things alot less hassle free when you want big units you might want to reform depending on the situation.

Personally i wouldn't run them in anything under 30 but i realise alot of people like alot of smaller 24-25 ish sized units. I like mine to be able to take a beating and still be fearsome.

22-08-2011, 19:06
50 with spears is potentially devastating- this is the size where horde becomes really beneficial-

40 with hand weapon shield will also do alright in horde-

However, the added bonus of horde formation is in the case of lizardmen often offset by the potential dangers it possesses.

If you can win combat or come close- say maybe lose by one or two- then you want your unit in horde formation- as even ld 6 saurus will stick around given cold blooded, and a BSB re-roll-

Against certain opponent though it is best to go deep- things like- witch elves, chaos warriors, bloodletters, swordmasters, dwarf longbeards/hammerers, etc. You want to be deep, especially with a life slann- just go for ranks and slowly win through attrition and toughness/regen buffs-

In short- treat horde formation almost like a weapon option- If you see your opponent has brought a ton of slaves, clanrats, goblins, empire infantry, peasants- deploy in horde rather than deep- or reform to horde when facing these units- if you are staring across the table from nothing but chaos warriors, knights, and chosen- deploy deep and stay deep-

23-08-2011, 16:37
If you are going to be running 600pts units you definitely want to make sure you have your magic defence in order.

Cogitation slann, scroll AND cube of darkness highly recommended.

23-08-2011, 16:43
As i see it, the saurus horde is only worth it if buffed by magic, either Light spells to make up for their low init/ws or Life spells to make them tough as stone. Otherwise, they will just fall on their low init/ws against cheaper units. (Marauders with GWs for example)

23-08-2011, 17:47
Ran a horde of saurus once at a 5 game tournament, it never saw combat.

This is partly my choice, but basically you need to be aggressive to get their points worth out of them.

23-08-2011, 19:22
Saurus are Init 1 or 2?

I would avoid Horde as if someone rolls Purple Sun on your flank you are hosed.

Two units of 25 Saurus > one unit of 50 Saurus.

26-08-2011, 18:11
As i see it, the saurus horde is only worth it if buffed by magic, either Light spells to make up for their low init/ws or Life spells to make them tough as stone. Otherwise, they will just fall on their low init/ws against cheaper units. (Marauders with GWs for example)

Marauders with Gw will strike last , so the little lizys will bite them up easily :)

26-08-2011, 23:02
Easily is a tad of an overstatement.

Easily in the sense that 50 saurus will kill 50 marauders.
On the other hand 600pts of saurus will get their ass handed to them by 600pts of marauders. It is easy to know this because point for point nothing beats marauders in CC.

26-08-2011, 23:10
Units with 2 attacks are generally not sumthing I field in horde.

For instance:

2 units of 24 saurus deployed 8 wide/3deep = 48 attacks
1 unit of 50 = 30 attacks assuming all of them gets into the fight.

Personally I feel the 2 smaller units offers more options and maneuverability quite aside from hordes being very vulnerable to spells like plague/flames of the phoenix etc.

But be careful about listening to me. I find horde units in general to be too unwieldy and costly to be truly worth it in any case

Jawalord III
28-08-2011, 14:41
I normally take my saurus in 6 by 5 groups (6 by 4 if I have spears) because with that its easier to get them into combat and I find them a pretty destructive group even with only 24 attacks (with spears) or 18 (with HW).

Ive only horded with them once and swore never to do it again, Saurus are slow as is and then suffer huge maneuverability when horded. Also there is the issue of of being flank charged. With only one big block of saurus it makes a mighty big target for your opponents cav, so it gets to be a pain to protect the sides, versus with small units they can move to head on possible flank chargers, and you dont have to worry about all of your saurus being locked up in combat as you have a few units that can move around and hit more than one place either as head on attack or as support.

29-08-2011, 01:06
I think the best set up for saurus warriors is to go HWS, and with a unit size of 30, going 6x5. Full command if possible. Costs 355pts, and is maneuverable, without it being to wide and unwieldy